Study Abroad


What does it cost to study abroad?

Study abroad costs depend on a number of factors, such as the duration and type of program, the cost of living in the program’s destination and when you go abroad. Below are resources that can help you feel more prepared while planning out your finances.

We understand that budgeting and paying for a program can be complex and we are here to support you. We have advisers available to answer questions and we also offer a Let’s Talk Money: How to Afford Your Study Abroad Workshop throughout the year. These workshops are available online and in person.

Financial Aid

Most types of financial aid will travel with you and you can revise your funding to cover additional study abroad costs


Get started early with applying to scholarships and cast a wide net to increase your chances of obtaining funding

Program Cost Comparisons

Compare the cost of living on campus with various study abroad programs and models

Budgeting & Fundraising Tips

Learn how to plan out your payments for study abroad, create a budget and get creative with fundraising