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Departmental exchange coordinators


UW Study Abroad supports academic departments with administration of departmental exchanges. Departmental exchanges facilitate an equal exchange of students between a UW department and the partner university.

  • UW units must maintain an exchange balance within an acceptable range.
  • UW Study Abroad reviews balances annually.
  • This site is a resource for advisers and administrators who manage and coordinate exchanges on behalf of your department.

Contact Information

For agreement initiation or renewal


For general questions

Julianna Johnson | 


Departmental Exchange Coordinator Resources

Other Info

Departmental Exchange Fact Sheet 2024-2025

Share UW’s policies and procedures fact sheet with departmental exchange partners


Existing Departmental Exchanges

View a list of active departmental exchanges from across the UW


Exchange Balance Dashboard

View current visual representations of outbound and inbound departmental exchange balances