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Student Enrollment Requirements

UW Study Abroad will enroll all students participating in Faculty-led Programs for a placeholder course, FSTDY 300 (or FSTDY 303 for Early Fall programs). In order to be enrolled students must complete the following items.

Pre-departure orientations

  • Mandatory Study Abroad Orientation – students are required to take the UW Study Abroad Online Orientation course. In order to complete this requirement, they must take a follow up assessment and earn a score of at least 85%.
  • Program-specific orientations – students are required to attend all pre-departure orientation meetings organized by program directors. You should plan on having a minimum of 3 orientation sessions with your students to go over logistics, academics and expectations. Visit our Orienting Students page for more information on what to cover in your sessions.

UW Student Abroad Insurance

All students studying abroad are required download and activate International SOS, the emergency assistance provider that activates UW international insurance. Student accounts will be billed for ISOS/International Insurance based on the duration of their program. Learn more about ISOS and UW International Insurance Coverage.

Passport, travel dates & visas

Students must have a passport valid for at least 6 months after their return to the United States in order to be eligible to participate in a study abroad program. Students are required to enter their passport information, upload a copy of the picture page of their passport, and provide travel dates into their online study abroad account. Though UW Study Abroad can help get students started and identify resources, it is ultimately the student’s responsibility to confirm whether or not an entry visa is needed for to travel and study at the program site and to obtain the proper entry visa prior to departure.

Health survey

Students are required to complete an online health survey in which they can self-disclose physical or mental health issues. If the student has a medical condition, the health screening will go to the program manager for review. It is important that you are aware of medical concerns of your students. Your program manager will send you an email a few weeks before the quarter begins with this information.

Each student has signed a release statement allowing this information to be shared with you in accordance with The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). You may not share this information with anyone who does not have direct responsibility for the on-site welfare of your students.

Visit the FERPA website for more information.

Emergency contact information

Students must provide us with contact information in case of emergency. Your program manager will also provide you with this information prior to departure.