Study Abroad


UW Study Abroad offers study abroad advising to current and prospective students. Whether you are brand new to study abroad and need help with the basics, or you are well-versed in your options, our peer ambassadors and advising staff are available to assist you with each step of the study abroad process. Come by and see us, we are here to help!

How to prepare for drop-in advising and what to expect

To prepare to explore your study abroad options, we recommend the following steps:

  • Consult the Getting started section of the Study Abroad website and start to think about the questions posed.
  • Familiarize yourself with the Find a program feature and read through a few program brochures that are of initial interest.
  • If you come in for drop in advising, you will meet with a Peer Ambassador. Read more about the Peer Ambassadors below.
  • Fill out the Advising Brainstorming Worksheet – this tool can help you begin thinking about what kind of program might be right for you. Bring this worksheet with you to an advising session.

Download Study Abroad Brainstorming Worksheet

Drop-in advising

During the academic year, our peer ambassadors are available to meet with you on a drop-in basis from 10:00am to 4:00pm, Monday through Friday in the UW Study Abroad Office, located in 459 Schmitz Hall. In the Summer we have reduced hours.

Chat with us!

UW Study Abroad has a chat feature on our homepage. Chat is usually staffed during our regular business hours. If you have a question and you can’t make into our office, chat with us.

 Peer Ambassadors

  • The UW Study Abroad Peer Ambassadors are UW students just back from study abroad.
  • They’re trained to help you start your search for a study abroad program.
  • You can meet with them in Schmitz Hall during drop-in hours.
  • When you have chosen a program or have more detailed questions, they will connect you to the right program manager.
  • Have questions? Email

Advising staff

The UW Study Abroad advising staff are here to help you as you narrow down your options and begin to apply to programs. Each program manager specializes in various types and aspects of study abroad. Consult the list below to find the appropriate program manager to answer your questions and sign up for an appointment.

 Adviser Advising speciality
Ruby Machado UW Faculty-led Programs Please email: to request an appointment.
Darielle Horsey UW Faculty-led Programs Please email: to request an appointment.
Katherine Kroeger UW Faculty-led Programs, DACA Please email: to request an appointment.
Kiana Parker Funding study abroad, financial planning, scholarships. For appointments in Schmitz Hall, choose Tuesday or Thursday. If you prefer to meet in Mary Gates Hall, choose Monday or Wednesday. Make an appointment
Shannon Quinn Exchanges and Partner Programs in Asia, Africa, the Americas, Oceania and the Middle East Make an appointment
Sarah Homer Exchanges and Partner Programs in Europe Make an appointment
Amaris Penaloza-Rayo Credit Conversion Assistance*                                                           *Please note: We are not advisers that sign off on Credit Evaluation Forms, we give guidance towards understanding Credit Conversions. Make an appointment