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Financial planning

What does it cost to study abroad?

You may be excited about the idea of studying abroad, but you are concerned about whether or not you can afford to go. We are often asked by students: “how much does it cost to study abroad?” It is difficult to provide a simple answer to that question because it will depend on a number of factors, such as the duration and type of program, the cost of living in the program’s destination and when you go abroad.

Below are topics that can help you feel more prepared while planning out your finances. We understand that budgeting and paying for a program can be complex and we are here to support you. We have advisers available to answer questions and we also offer Financial Planning Workshops throughout the year. These workshops are available online and in person. Students can view the schedule for these workshops by visiting our Events page.

General Advice

  • When you are selecting a program, be sure to consult our advisers about the best type of program and time of year to go abroad based on your financial situation.
  • Plan ahead and get creative with fundraising. A little budget planning can go a long way in making you feel more prepared to pay for your program. Our Budgeting and Fundraising Tips section can help get you started.
  • Although you may qualify for scholarships to assist with the costs of your program, it is best to not rely on scholarships as your primary source of funding. Instead, count on the resources already available to you or sources of financial support you expect to receive, such as your federal financial aid package.

Financial Aid

  • A large percentage of UW students utilize financial aid to study abroad. Most types of financial aid can be applied towards study abroad fees.
  • Students can also submit a revision request to increase the amount of aid for the quarter you are studying abroad. These additional funds are usually in the form of loans. Consult the Financial Aid section of our website and the UW Office of Financial Aid to learn more.


  • There are many scholarships designed to fund students studying abroad. The UW has some of our own, but there are national awards available to you as well.
  • Scholarships vary widely in their parameters. Some are need based, some are location based and some are merit based. Consult our Scholarships page for more information.

Program Cost Comparisons & Estimated Budgets

  • Use the Program Cost Comparisons page to compare the cost of living on campus with various study abroad programs and models.
  • Contact UW Study Abroad for a program’s estimated budget from a previous year. Once you are accepted to a program, this budget can be used to revise your financial aid to accommodate the additional costs of studying abroad.

Budgeting & Fundraising Tips

  • Planning ahead can greatly help you manage the costs of your study abroad program. In our Budgeting and Fundraising Tips section you can learn more about how to plan out your payments for study abroad, resources to help you pay for your expenses, creative fundraising ideas and additional support that is available.