The Veterans Center

The Veterans Center is a space for postsecondary faculty and administrators to learn about how to create classroom environments and campus activities that maximize the learning of all students, including veterans who have disabilities. Much of the content is duplicated in other publications, training materials, and web pages published by DO-IT. It includes six primary areas:


DO-IT projects that encourage veterans' college and careers, especially in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields.


Nationwide and Pacific Northwest resources for veterans, including those with disabilities. For information on the challenges faced by veterans with disabilities as they transition to the postsecondary classroom, view the video Returning from Service: College and IT Careers for Vets and read the corresponding publication.


Upcoming national conferences and training sessions that focus on technology, postsecondary education, and careers.

Accommodations and Universal Design

Accommodation suggestions for different types of disabilities and academic activities as well as universal design principles.

Rights and Responsibilities

Rights and responsibilities of faculty, campus services, and student veterans with disabilities.

Searchable Knowledge Base

A searchable database of frequently asked questions, case studies, and promising practices related to how veterans can be fully included in postsecondary education.