DO-IT creates videos that promote the success of people with disabilities, particlarly in school and work settings. DO-IT videos play in a custom accessible media player with audio description and transcripts provided. Videos can be downloaded, viewed on DO-IT's YouTube channel, or ordered on DVD. The Search Video Library feature enables users to search the full text of all videos and begin playing videos at specific start times from the search results.

DO-IT Video Library

  • Captions: Improving Access to Postsecondary Education
    Professors, students, and IT administrators share the benefits of using captions for videos in postsecondary education.
  • Communication Access Realtime Translation: CART Services for Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing People
    Communication Access Realtime Translation (CART) provides access to communication for individuals who are deaf.
  • IT Accessibility: What Web Developers Have to Say
    University web designers and developers discuss the importance of creating websites that are accessible to all users.
  • IT Accessibility: What Campus Leaders Have to Say (6-minute Version)
    University presidents, chief information officers, and other information technology (IT) leaders discuss the importance of IT accessibility on college campuses.
  • IT Accessibility: What Campus Leaders Have to Say (15-minute Version)
    University presidents, chief information officers, and other information technology (IT) leaders discuss the importance of IT accessibility on college campuses.
  • DO-IT Scholars 2011
    In this video presentation, participants describe the DO-IT Scholars program for high school students with disabilities. It helps prospective scholars, parents, and advocates understand key aspects of the program.
    2011, 2004
  • Real Connections: Making Distance Learning Accessible to Everyone
    This video presentation provides guidelines for designing Internet-based distance learning courses to fully include all students, including those with disabilities.
    2011, 2002
  • Access to the Future: Preparing College Students with Disabilities for Careers
    In this video, career development staff share ideas for making services accessible to students with disabilities. It can be used in professional development programs for staff who help students develop career skills and participate in internships.
    2011, 2000
  • Finding Gold: Hiring the Best and the Brightest
    In this video, employers in cooperative education, internship, and other work-based learning programs show how to fully include participants with disabilities.
    2011, 1998
  • It's Your Career
    In this video presentation, college students with disabilities tell about work-based learning experiences and show how to gain access to these opportunities.
    2011, 1997
  • STEM and People with Disabilities
    Learn how the accessibility of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) activities can be increased and how students with disabilities can prepare for these fields of study and employment.
  • Returning from Service: College and IT Careers for Veterans
    Veterans and community college and university educators share accommodations and other strategies for creating welcoming and accessible environments for these wounded warriors.
  • World Wide Access: Accessible Web Design
    This video shows how self-instruction or group training for people who design and support websites and/or teach web design classes can make web pages accessible to people with disabilities.
  • DO-IT Scholar Profile: Nathan
    Nathan, a college freshman with a disability, discusses his hobbies, career goals, and academic studies. He talks about how accessible technology, including voice recognition software, helps him overcome his difficulty with math and reading.
  • DO-IT Scholar Profile: Maria
    Maria, a college freshman, discusses her academic interests, how accessible technology helps her complete school work, and how she found the resources she needed as a student with a disability applying to a postsecondary school.
  • DO-IT Scholar Profile: Mack
    Mack, a high school senior with cerebral palsy, talks about the importance of a positive outlook on life, how accommodations such as speech recognition software have helped him complete assignments for school, and his career plans.
  • DO-IT Scholar Profile: Heidi
    Heidi, a college student with Asperger's syndrome, talks about starting a high school club for students with disabilities, learning communication and technical skills, and her experiences as a DO-IT Scholar.
  • DO-IT Scholar Profile: Alexandra
    Alexandra, a college senior who has a visual impairment, discusses her work as a science major, her career goals, accommodations she uses, and her experiences with the DO-IT Scholars program.
  • Self-Examination: How Accessible Is Your Campus?
    This video presentation presents guidelines for making a postsecondary institution welcoming and accessible to everyone, including students, faculty, and staff with disabilities.
  • Part of Me, Not All of Me
    Teens with disabilities share their interests, activities, and other aspects of their lives showing that their disabilities do not define who they are.