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AccessCollege and DO-IT as a whole has a wide collection of resources for creating and implementing accessible physical spaces, instruction, services, and technology in postsecondary education using universal design and effective accommodations. Below we feature current, trending, and relevant brochures, videos, books, and other products that promote accessible and inclusive learning opportunities.

Two students in a classroom look at a computer together.

How to Make Your Course Accessible to Students with Disabilities
The following videos and publications will guide you in making online learning opportunities fully accessible to and inclusive of students with disabilities.

Universal Design in Education: From Principles to Practice
Purchase a comprehensive guide on creating college and university programs that are welcoming to, accessible to, and inclusive of all students, including those with disabilities, a unique value to administrators, and to disability and diversity studies and postsecondary education faculty, researchers, practitioners, and activists.

Universal Design in Higher Education: Promising Practices
Explore evidence-based practices for implementing universal design and learn of opportunities for you to contribute to this free, growing collection.

Equal Access: Universal Design of an Academic Department
Explore how to make an academic department welcoming to and accessible to all students and faculty, including those with disabilities, and apply the accompanying checklist to identify potential changes your campus can make.

Equal Access: Universal Design of Professional Organizations
Learn how professional organizations can be more inclusive of individuals with disabilities.