Successful work experiences and career preparation activities increase a student's chances of obtaining employment upon completion of an academic program. AccessCAREERS provides information and resources and shares promising practices for the purpose of increasing access to careers for individuals with disabilities. Much of the content is duplicated in other publications, training materials, and web pages published by DO-IT. The first two sections of the website are:

  • Universal Design and Accommodations - strategies for creating (universal design) and modifying (accommodations) academic and worksite environments and activities to maximize the participation of individuals with a wide range of abilities and disabilities.
  • Rights and Responsibilities - the rights and responsibilities of employers, campus services, and students with disabilities regarding accommodations in work settings.

Making a successful transition to employment is a team effort. AccessCAREERS projects work to create a model for a continuum of services from K-12 through postsecondary levels. AccessCAREERS provides information and resources for:

For more information about AccessCAREERS projects, consult the following resources.