Study Abroad

Study Abroad Fee

We are sometimes asked why UW Study Abroad charges a fee. Nearly all institutions of higher education charge fees to cover a wide array of expenses; sometimes these are included in tuition, and sometimes they are grouped into other categories. Unlike some other universities, the UW does not take money from your tuition bill to support study abroad.

Fee Schedule for Summer 2021 – Spring 2022

 Program Type  Amount 
UW Faculty-led Program $460
UW Partner Program – Semester or longer $715
UW Partner Program – Quarter $460
UW Exchange – Semester or longer $715
UW Exchange – Quarter $460
Independent Learning – For Credit $460 per quarter*
Independent Learning – Zero Credit $250 per quarter*

*Independent Learning students are charged the Study Abroad Fee for each quarter of concurrent enrollment (e.g. if one quarter = $460, two quarters = $920, three quarters = $1,380).

What the fee covers

  • Developing and implementing a variety of educational programs, information sessions, pre-departure events, and special interest groups for students who have returned from study abroad.
  • Working closely with faculty and administrators to develop UW study abroad programs, allowing UW to offer faculty-led programs all over the world.
  • Maintaining relationships with international partners on four continents who provide educational opportunities for our students on a wide variety of campuses.
  • Evaluating potential programs for affiliation and monitoring currently UW partner programs.
  • Producing informational materials on study abroad for students, faculty, and administrators.
  • Advising undergraduate and graduate students on their particular learning goals, a huge variety of programs, and all phases of the study abroad process.
  • Providing pre-departure orientation for every student covering topics as diverse as financial aid, credit transfer, and how to manage emergencies.
  • Registering students so they can maintain their UW status while abroad.
  • Maintaining contact as needed with all students abroad and providing support in case of an emergency.
  • Facilitating the transfer of credit once students return to campus.
  • Working with offices such as Financial Aid, Student Life, First Year Programs to help facilitate the study abroad experience for as many UW students as possible.