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October 14, 2010

Forget the Coppertone: Water fleas in mountain ponds can handle UV rays

Some tiny crustaceans living in clear-water alpine ponds high in Washington state’s Olympic Mountains have learned how to cope with the sun’s damaging ultraviolet rays without sunblock — and with very little natural pigmentation to protect them.

‘A Cleaner YouTube’: Pretty good for two hours’ work

First there was MySpace.

Official Notices

Board of Regents

The Regents will hold a regular public meeting at 3 p.

Game on: New graduate interest group promotes serious study of video games

Can video games be art? Tools for education? Instruments for change?

Ed Chang and Timothy Welsh tend to think so.

The life of Otis Pease, longtime UW history professor, to be celebrated Oct. 24

A Celebration of Life for Otis Pease, a history professor at the UW for nearly 30 years, will be held at 2 p.

UW Libraries to note Open Access Week with discussions

UW Libraries will participate in the national Open Access Week with three panel discussions at Odegaard Library.

A celebration of home movies planned Oct. 16

Hannah Palin, Film Archives Specialist at the UW Libraries Special Collections, is once again involved in producing Home Movie Day, scheduled for noon to 4:30 p.

UW’s first-ever Sustainability Summit and fair is Oct. 20

The UW’s first ever Sustainability Summit Wednesday, Oct.

Dawg Dash turns 25 — grab your running shoes and join in

This year is the 25th anniversary of Dawg Dash, one of the UW Alumni Association’s most popular annual events.

Giving back after a gift of life

UW Medicine patient Turner Prewitt talks about his “second life” following a heart transplant:

I was given the “gift of life,” a new heart on Aug.

University District Food Bank, a CFD choice: ‘It feels good to help others’

Editor’s note: Through the 2010 Combined Fund Drive campaign, University Week will spotlight agencies that receive CFD funds and members of the UW community who volunteer for such organizations.

Three extraordinary talents comprise the Kavafian-Schub-Shifrin Trio, playing Meany Hall Oct. 20

Three virtuoso members of the Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center are playing together in a concert presented by the UW World Series.

Life of Florence James — once of the UW — dramatized in ‘McCarthy and the Old Woman’

When Rita Deverell was a 26-year-old actress, she met someone she thought of as “a harmless elderly woman.

Treating the paradox of paradoxical vocal fold motion

Sometimes in her work at the UW, Julie Dunlap puts on her shorts and running shoes.

When in Rome: Study-abroad students increase alcohol intake

For American students, spending a semester or two studying in a foreign country means the opportunity to improve foreign language skills and become immersed in a different culture.

Gateway to Chile garden’s opening celebration Oct. 17

Sunday, Oct.

How did humans live 12,000 years ago? Find out at Ice Age Archaeology Day

The Burke Museum presents a day of exhibits and talks on what life was like during the coldest time the state has ever known – the last Ice Age.

Service Learning Resource Center launches website created by Information School students

The problem: Plenty of UW Health Sciences students were willing to volunteer for service learning projects and plenty of projects needed their help, but there was no central clearinghouse, no place where the two groups could connect.

Presidential search committee seeks input from community

What leadership qualities should the next permanent UW president have? The Presidential Search Advisory Committee is welcoming input from the UW community and friends of the University in the search process in a series of public discussions in coming weeks.

Flu shot clinics.

Seasonal flu shot clinics for UW faculty and staff.

Why I chose UW Medicine: Convenient locations and the best providers — our UW colleagues

UW Medicine comprises seven entities with a single mission of improving health, both locally and globally.

Get ready for the flu season


A Conversation With Steve Ballmer

Joint the Computer Science and Engineering department for A Conversation with Steve Ballmer, Microsoft CEO.

October 13, 2010

Inside the gulf crisis.

How many barrels of oil per day were spewing into the Gulf of Mexico after the BP disaster? Desperate for an accurate assessment, the federal government pulled together a high-stakes task force that included two UW Engineering faculty members — James Riley and Alberto Aliseda.

October 12, 2010

Forget the Coppertone: Water fleas in mountain ponds can handle UV rays

Water fleas from clear-water alpine ponds are better able to withstand UV radiation than those in murkier ponds nearby.

Fact Sheet: New buoy designed to gather information in changing Arctic

A new buoy designed to collect information in ice floes and open ocean is being air dropped today into the Arctic Ocean today.

UW Part of Team to Transform African Medical Education; Funding Part of $130m Investment by U.S. Government to Increase Health Care Workers

The University of Washington will be teaming up with the University of Nairobi as part of a massive effort to transform African medical education and dramatically increase the number of health care workers.

Flu shot clinics.

Seasonal flu shot clinics for UW faculty and staff.

October 11, 2010

When in Rome: Study-abroad students increase alcohol intake

When in Rome: Study-abroad students increase alcohol intake

October 8, 2010

UW Reads the Constitution.

Listen to all or part of the U.

October 7, 2010

UW Medicine brand launch helps inform the public on health system

UW Medicine launched its new marketing and messaging campaign with a special event for its leadership team at Meany Hall on Sept.

Hear what makes for good acoustics at Oct. 11 Northwest Voice Foundation meeting

The meeting at UW Eagleson Hall is open to all persons interested in voice

Slade Gorton and Bill Gates Sr. to debate income tax initiative at UWT

UW Regent Bill Gates Sr.

Official Notices

Board of Regents

The Regents will hold a regular public meeting at 3 p.

UW Faculty who have been Visiting Faculty at the University of Bergen and the University of Trondheim, 1979-2010

Pierre Welander, Oceanography, 1979-80


University of Bergen and University of Trondheim Faculty who have been Visiting Faculty at the UW, 1979-2010

Asbjorn Aarseth, Comparative Literature, 1979-80

Dangfish Aarskog, Pediatrics, 1980-81

Rolf Eide, Psychology, 1980-81

Rolf Manne, Chemistry, 1981-82

Lorentz Irgens, Epidemiology, 1982-83; 1993-94

Anne Bjorg Tveit, Dentistry, 1982-83

Orm Overland, English, 1983-84; 1992-93; 2001

Alf Grannes, Slavic Languages & Literature, 1983-84

Alex Haerem, Law, 1983-84

Jan Mossin, Finance, 1983-84

Knut K.

New grants keep UW at top of schools receiving Title VI funding

Grants totaling $17.

Mystery Photo

Where are we? The photo above was taken somewhere on campus.

Workshop to address complicated issue of long-term care insurance

Health care reform may address a variety of current problems, but one that it scarcely touches is long-term care.

‘Living Voters Guide’ invites Washington voters to hash out ballot initiatives

Voters across the country are entering the season of ballot measures.

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