Resources For Making Distance Learning Accessible

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Publications, Tutorials, and Video Presentations

Q&A's from DO-IT's Online Knowledge Base

Resource Centers

  • AccessCyberlearning
    A collection of project goals, objectives, activities, leadership, sponsorship,and resources for making cyberlearning tools and pedagogy accessible to everyone, including students with disabilities.
  • The Center for Universal Design in Education
    Resources to help educators apply universal design to all aspects of the educational experience, including technology, services, and instruction.
  • The National Center on Disability and Access to Education (NCDAE)
    Acenter that addresses issues of technology and disability in education policies and practices to enhance the lives of people with disabilities
  • National Center for Accessible Media (NCAM)
    A research and development facility dedicated to making media and information technology accessible to people with disabilities.
  • WebAIM
    Resources from the Web Accessibility in Mind project, including a streaming video introduction, links to online courses and articles, and a tutorial.
  • Accessible Technology
    DO-IT's collection of videos, publications and web resources on the procurement, development and design of accessible technology.
  • Accessible Technology at the UW
    Resource website on accessible technology hosted by the University of Washington.
  • Center on Online Learning and Students with Disabilities
    A collaborative center engaged in researching the accessibility of online learning offerings, particularly at the precollege level.

Promising Practices

Accessibility Documentation from Learning Management System (LMS) Vendors

Accessibility of LMS products is constantly evolving, but several vendors provide documentation regarding their products' accessibility features and how to deliver accessible courses using their products. Some examples are provided below. Also, Access Technology Higher Education Network (ATHEN) has coordinated several active collaborations between higher education institutions and LMS vendors to help the latter improve their accessibility. These are listed on the ATHEN Collaboration Groups website.

Research and Academic Papers