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Principles of "universal design" can be applied to the design of any product or service.

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Faculty Presentations

This area of The Faculty Room provides video, PowerPoint, and interactive distance learning options for learning about accommodating students with disabilities in postsecondary classes.

You will find four sections:

  • DO-IT Video Presentations and Publications - a comprehensive set of video with information about accommodation strategies, universal design, technology, legal issues, and campus resources as well as stories of students with disabilities, faculty, and campus support staff who have successfully worked together to create a successful learning environment. Each is accompanied by a publication that expands on the content and lists resources.
  • Faculty Publications From DO-IT - a collection of short publications designed for distribution to postsecondary faculty.
  • Examples of PowerPoint Presentations - sample presentations that guide you through legal issues, accommodation strategies, and resources related to the inclusion of students with disabilities in postsecondary education.
  • Videos and the Web - a series of short videos demonstrating how adaptive technology programs assist the visually impaired in navigating the web, accessing the electronic page, and more.
  • Distance Learning Course - Academic Accommodations for Students with Disabilities online course that can be used for individual training or delivered to a group of faculty members on your campus.