Study Abroad


All students participating in a study abroad opportunity must attend an orientation conducted by UW Study Abroad. Depending on the study abroad program, students may also be required to attend site-specific or on-site orientations as well.

Mandatory pre-departure orientation

This orientation is only for students who been accepted onto a study abroad program. It covers important health, safety, and cultural adjustment issues as well as important UW procedures, such as enrollment and credits. Using suggestions from previous study abroad students and guidelines from the UW and its partners, this orientation prepares you for some of the issues you will face while away and provides you the opportunity to meet with others going abroad.

The UW Study Abroad Pre-departure Orientation is available through your online study abroad application. Log into your application through the UW Study Abroad homepage to access the course.

**Regardless of when you attend the orientation, you must meet the registration date for your particular term of departure in order to avoid a $75 late enrollment fee**

Site-specific orientations

Some study abroad programs require program-specific, pre-departure orientations in addition to the mandatory orientation.This requirement applies to all UW faculty-led programs. Check with your program director or student abroad adviser to ask if this applies to you.

On-site orientation

Most study abroad programs and exchanges provide on-site orientations with in-country staff or program directors.These orientations serve to introduce you to the new environment, help you make the adjustment to your new home, as well as provide on-site resources and support.

Optional orientation: Identity Abroad

This workshop is a great way to help students who are preparing to go abroad to think about navigating their identity against the backdrop of another culture.  It will cover topics related to cultural expectations and norms as they relate to race and gender, and building relationships abroad. Faculty and staff who lead programs abroad are also welcome to attend.

Upcoming orientation: TBD

Optional orientation: Being a Woman Abroad

Based on requests from study abroad alumni we have developed the orientation “Being a Woman Abroad: How to Stay Safe, Healthy and Culturally Mindful.” It is our goal to provide study abroad students with information regarding female health and safety, relationships abroad, and international expectations of women. We, along with other female students who have recently traveled abroad will be offering advice and facilitating discussion as well as answering any questions or concerns you may have. All genders are encouraged to attend!

Wednesday, February 19th, 12:30-2pm|MGH 171 (MGH 171)

Optional orientation: Racial Identity When Studying Abroad

Based on feedback from students, we have developed the module “Racial Identity When Studying Abroad”. We hope to give study abroad students the opportunity to both consider and reflect on experiences such as encountering racial stereotypes, developing support systems, and understanding identity. Students, alumni, and panelists will break into small groups to discuss the complexities of race and identity through the lens of studying abroad. All past and future study abroad students are welcome to attend.

Upcoming orientation: TBD