Free Agents

Spring 2019

The free agent program assists in helping individuals to become participants on teams. If you have an interest in a particular activity, please sign up while entries are open in your specific sport. Free agents are encouraged to attend the free agent’s meeting as well for their activity. Free agents do NOT need to pay the team fee until after the free agent meetings when you have been placed on a team.

Sport Date Time Place
Soccer, Softball, Ultimate Thursday, April 4  4:00 PM IMA Lounge
3v3 Basketball, 4v4 Volleyball, Passing League Thursday, April 11 4:00 PM IMA Lounge


How to sign up as a Free Agent:

1.     Go to

2.     Register for an account using your UW email.

3.     Find League, Day and Time you want to join.

4.     Click Join as Free Agent.

5.     Accept Waiver.

6.     Post listing.

  •        If a team is interested in picking you up they will invite you to join their team.
  •        You can list yourself in as many leagues as you want but can only join the maximum number of teams per league/division for an individual.