'99 Ambassadors

Group photo of 1999 DO-IT Scholars

DO-IT Ambassadors are pursuing postsecondary studies and careers. They share their experiences with DO-IT Scholars and Pals, encouraging them to pursue their goals in college and employment.

Image of Roy
Roy, '99 Scholar

My name is Roy. My disability is Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. I am a senior at Central Washington University. My major is Computer Science and my minor is Math. I will graduate in June of '05 and plan to develop accessibility software. My hobbies include programming, learning languages, and watching anime.

Crystal, '99 Scholar

Hi. My name is Crystal. I live in Yakima, Washington. My disability affects my speech and learning. I attend Yakima Valley College, where I am studying criminal justice. I was an Intern in Summer Study '01.

Image of Kathy
Kathy, '99 Scholar

Hey! My name is Kathy. I attend Tacoma Community College, where I am majoring in accounting and working in the Admissions office. My career will hopefully involve accounting and some aspect of law. My hobbies are computer games such as Solitaire and Minesweeper.

Image of Danielle
Danielle, '99 Scholar

Hi, I'm Danielle. I graduated from Central Washington University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and a minor in Creative Writing. Now my plans revolve around writing, focusing on the young adult fiction genre. I had cancer when I was a baby, and my disabilities today are the results of a viral infection that damaged my brain stem when I was two and a half years old. For the most part, you could say I have Cerebral Palsy, although it isn't true because I wasn't born with it. Personally, I am thankful for DO-IT because the program broadens my horizons and helped me find alternative ways to communicate with others.

Image of David
David, '99 Scholar

My name is David. I attend Seattle Central Community College. I enjoy math, navigating maps, refereeing, and keeping records of activities. I developed several versions of dominoes, along with a "Games of Chance" series, created with my associates, Barney and Courtney. DO-IT has taught me independent living and computer skills.

Image of Oscar
Oscar, '99 Scholar

My name is Oscar. I attend Yakima Community College in Washington. My disability is Quadriplegia. I use a power wheelchair and voice recognition software to operate my computer.

Image of JW
J.W., '99 Scholar

My name is J.W. I have Muscular Dystrophy. I'm attending Big Bend Community College in Moses Lake, WA. I'll be finished after two more quarters. Then I plan to transfer to a four-year school. I'm not sure what I want to major in yet.

Image of Buffy
Buffy, '99 Scholar

Hello! My name is Buffy and I have been deaf since birth. Computers and math are my favorite subjects. I'm entering my senior year at Western Oregon University, majoring in physical education. My career interests include coaching, teaching, and administration. This summer I tried out for the basketball team for the deaf Olympics 2005 in Melbourne, Australia! Wish me luck :) All of my life, I have been using interpreters. Without them, I wouldn't be here. I made life-long friends in DO-IT and gained a great deal. The computer was introduced to me and my life became much easier because now I can communicate electronically with others, quickly and easily. DO-IT helped me with planning for college life and a career. DO-IT folks, it's okay to fail, but it's not okay to give up. Go after your dreams!

Image of Pat
Pat, '99 Scholar

Hi. My name is Pat. I have a learning disability. I earned a PC specialist A.A.S. degree from Spokane Falls Community College in Washington. I am an assistant manager at a video game store in Northtown Mall called Software, Etc. My hobbies are talking on the phone, playing football, and playing on computers. I was an Intern in Summer Study '01.

Image of Ryan
Ryan, '99 Scholar

Hi. My name is Ryan. My hobbies are mountain biking, playing with my five Labrador Retrievers, and hanging out with friends. I'm part of the leadership groups for 4H Klassy K9s and the Indian Education Program at our school. I'm a member of Quinalt Nation and work part-time for Industrial Electric in the motor repair shop. I attend Eastern Washington University. My career goal is to become a science teacher. The three things I learned at DO-IT that helped me with my learning disability are organization, goal-setting, and self-advocacy. P.S. Smile; it may only last a moment, but the memory will last a lifetime.

Image of Zach
Zachary, '99 Scholar

Hey bub! Wolverine here. I'm Zachary, and I'm from Vashon Island. I attend Seattle Central Community College, majoring in photo journalism. My goal is to get my A.A. degree, then transfer to a four-year college. Reading comic books is my favorite hobby. I love the X-Men, especially my favorites, Wolverine and Phoenix. I was an Intern in Summer Study '02.

Image of Stuart
Stuart, '99 Scholar

My name is Stuart. I will be attending the University of Washington this fall as a junior; I am planning to study business. After I receive my degree I would like to go back to Bulgaria and find a job that is centered around my degree and gives me the opportunity to travel around the world. My disability is Larsen Syndrome, which affects my mobility, and I am a double amputee. My academic interests are computers, business, and science. Computers give me the ability to communicate, play games, and learn. I work at the Access Technology Lab at the University of Washington. I was part of a Japan cultural exchange program this summer.

Image of Lacey
Lacey, '99 Scholar

My name is Lacey. I live in Seattle, Washington. I have Cerebral Palsy and some specific learning disabilities. I attend Shoreline Community College and plan to transfer to the University of Washington. My friend Veronica and I started our own business making and selling soap. Our business name is Spinning Wheels & Co. We have sold our soap at the Fremont Market and other places. Besides earning money, our goal is to help the community interact with disabled people in business. My hobbies are riding horses, riding my bicycle, collecting rocks, and doing art. I was an Intern in Summer Study '01.

Image of Nate
Nate, '99 Scholar

Hello. My name is Nate and I am visually impaired. I will be a sophomore at the University of Portland. I am a political science major, but I am considering history as a second major. After I complete my undergraduate degree, I plan to attend law school. I hope to one day be a public servant. I enjoyed my two years as a DO-IT Scholar and my experience as a DO-IT Intern in Summer Study 2001. DO-IT is an extraordinary program that I am proud to be a part of.

Image of Wolfgang
Wolfgang, '99 Scholar

My name is Wolfgang. I study physics and writing at Skagit Valley College. I like to snowboard, bike, play hacky-sack, and READ! I have a learning disability. DO-IT has taught me to understand and respect people with other disabilities and has been amazingly encouraging about my plans in college! I was an Intern in Summer Study '01.

Image of Kelci
Kelci, '99 Scholar

My name is Kelci. I am currently living in Cheney, where I am entering my final year at Eastern Washington University. I am majoring in early childhood education and minoring in special education. I enjoy working with children and look forward to doing so in the future as an elementary teacher.

Image of Tynesha
Tynesha, '99 Scholar

My name is Tynesha (Ty). I attend Evergreen College in Tacoma and I am interested in child development. I did an internship at Children's Hospital and would like to become a certified Child Life Specialist. My hobbies are reading, shopping, talking and hanging out with friends, and writing poetry. I was an Intern in Summer Study '01.

Image of Ali
Ali, '99 Scholar

My name is Ali, and I am from Iraqi Kurdistan. I came with my family to the U.S. in 1997. I speak four languages: Kurdish, Arabic, Turkish, and English. I have a disability called Osteogenesis Imperfecta, which affects my bones. I am a sophomore at Edmonds Community College. I would like to transfer to the University of Washington to study computer engineering. I like math, science, and computers. I completed an internship at Boeing.