Meet the Scholars

Meet some of our participants and learn more about the Scholars program in the videos below.
  • Image from the video, "Scholar Profile: Alexandra"
    Alexandra, a college senior who has a visual impairment, discusses her work as a science major, her career goals, accommodations she uses, and her experiences with the DO-IT Scholars program.
  • still image from video Scholar Profile Heidi
    Heidi, a college student on the autism spectrum, talks about starting a high school club for students with disabilities, learning communication and technical skills, and experiencing the DO-IT Scholars Program.
  • DO-IT Scholar Profile: K
    K, a participant of the DO-IT Scholars program, shares information about involvement in the program and their experiences in college.
  • still image from video Scholar Profile Mack
    Mack, a high school senior with cerebral palsy, talks about the importance of a positive outlook on life, how accommodations such as speech recognition software have helped him complete assignments for school, and his career plans.
  • still image from video Scholar Profile Maria
    Maria, a college freshman, discusses her academic interests, how accessible technology helps her complete school work, and how she found the resources she needed as a student with a disability applying for college.
  • still image from video Scholar Profile Nathan
    Nathan, a college freshman with a disability, discusses his hobbies, career goals, academic studies, and technology that assists with math and reading.
  • still image from video DO-IT Scholars 1994
    Participants in the first DO-IT Scholars program in 1993 share their experiences.
  • still image from video 2011 DO-IT Scholars
    2011, 2004
    Participants describe key aspects of the DO-IT Scholars program for high school students with disabilities.
  • still image from HDDI
    The DO-IT Director and support staff share practices employed by DO-IT programs to increase the success of young people with disabilities in college and careers.
  • Scholars cross campus during Summer Study.
    This video features staff and students of the DO-IT Center, who share information about the DO-IT Scholars program and its impact on students with disabilities as they prepare for college and careers.
  • Randy uses a headset on the computer.
    Randy, a DO-IT Scholar and Ambassador, shares his thoughts about participation in the DO-IT Scholars program.
  • still image from video Snapshots
    High school participants describe the DO-IT Scholars program and how it contributes to their success.

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