Materials on this website are designed to increase awareness of how people with disabilities can be successful in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) as well as how other programs can make their web and print resources, courses, and activities more welcoming and accessible to people with disabilities. They can be used for individual and group instruction. The ultimate goal of disseminating these resources is to broaden the participation in STEM fields and improve these fields with the talents and perspectives of individuals with disabilities.

This rich collection of resources is supported by RDE Collaborative Dissemination Project (grant #HRD-0929006), which is directed by the DO-IT Center at the University of Washington in Seattle. Included on this website is specific information about project partners and the resources they offer in their region. They represent projects funded by the Research in Disabilities Education (RDE) program of the National Science Foundation.

Although RDE no longer exists as a separate program within NSF, funding seekers are encouraged to search current programs at NSF for opportunities where they can propose research, dissemination, and broadening participation projects related to the engagement of people with disabilities in STEM. See www.nsf.gov/ for details.