1997 DO-IT Summer Study Schedule


August 5, 1997 - August 15, 1997


University of Washington


DO-IT Summer Study is a chance the DO-IT Scholars to get together. The first year Scholars receive extensive online training and get a chance to see college life first hand while staying at McCarty Residence Hall. They attend sessions on a variety of topics such as

  • Biology- replacing a sheep's heart valve
  • Computer Science/Mathematics- discovering how math can be useful for finding information in digital images and creating special effects
  • Chemistry and Environmental Studies- participating in lab experiments to determine what's in Lake Washington water and how the water quality has an impact on environmental issues

Phase II Scholars participate in focused workshops and receive computer training on more advanced topics such as

  • WWW page design
  • Creating Camp Courage home page

Schedule Notes

  • It's expected that you will participate in all program activities.
  • Arrive promptly at all activities.
  • During open computer labs, complete daily evaluations, newletter articles, and other assignments.
  • We have created a wide variety of activities that, as a whole, provide academic, career and social preparation for post-high school experiences. DO-IT expects that you will not enjoy all of them equally. However, many people have contributed their time and talents to this program. Demonstrate your appreciation through your active participation and enthusiasm.
  • If you have special circumstances (for example, a need for extra rest time) that require that you skip an activity on the schedule, seek approval from a DO-IT staff member.
  • If you have suggestions for additional activities to add to the schedule, share your ideas with Sheryl Burgstahler, Kristin Otis, or Darin Stageberg. If you require special disability-related accommodations in order to participate in an activity, share your needs with the presenter or a DO-IT staff member.