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CHID Prague, Czech Republic

History, Memory, and Human Rights in Central Europe

The Prague Program, which is one of the oldest CHID study abroad programs at UW (since 1996), is all about immersing yourself in Prague and the other great Central European cities – Vienna, Krakow, Budapest and Berlin, where we will go on 4-day trips each – in order to develop a complex understanding of the dynamic historical, cultural and political life of Central Europe as a whole. The program itself is strongly anchored in the philosophy of CHID: it combines academically rigorous seminar-style courses, international field trips aimed at provoking personal reflection and exploration, and cultural events that transform our program into a living community.

CHID San Sebastian, Spain

The Basque People of Spain and France

Students will travel to the enchanting city of San Sebastián in the Basque country of northern Spain to study the culture, politics, and history of the Basques.  The Basque culture of Spain and France is one of the most ancient in Europe, having maintained its separate identity since before Roman times.  Even though Spanish is widely spoken in the Basque country, the Basques have their own language, unrelated to Spanish, and the death of the dictator Franco in 1975 and the ensuing re-integration of Spain into modern Europe sparked movements of cultural and linguistic renewal in the Basque country—including a separatist movement that would like the Basques to have their own independent country.

Classics Rome, Italy

Classical Seminar in Rome (Innovation and Engineering)

Students become hands-on learners through thrice-weekly visits to Rome’s historic sites, monuments, and museums.   In order to speak to this year’s focus on ancient innovation and engineering, we will take a weekend trip to Sicily to learn more about Archimedes and his inventions, and an end-of-quarter day-trip (overnight, budget allowing) to Florence, to visit the Museo Galileo and the Museo Leonardo da Vinci.

English London, United Kingdom

Spring Quarter in London

The Department of English will offer this exciting, long-standing, and highly successful quarter-long program of study in London. Students will learn about literature, culture, art, and society–and their interactions–by being immersed in the exciting environment of London. The rewards are incalculable and the experience life-changing.

Germanics Austria

Spring in Vienna

Vienna is the large capital of a small country. For centuries the city was head of a multi-national empire, and to this day has remained a magnet for millions of people who visit Vienna every year, attracted by the artifacts of an incredibly rich history. While learning, students will take place in the traditional forum of the seminar meetings and can expect the major part of learning to occur during extensive city tours and the many visits to historical sites, museums, and the opera.

Sociology Rome, Italy

Christianity in Rome: Church vs. Empire, Church as Empire

This program examines the evolving relationship between church and worldly power in ancient Rome, the medieval period and beyond.  Most weeks throughout the program each student will spend 4-5 hours volunteering at the Joel Nafuma Refugee Center, a walk-in day center where refugees can get food, clothing and toiletries, legal referrals, language and computer lessons and other resources. They also make art, music, play sports, and hang out in a safe and supportive atmosphere. Students can expect Tour excavations at Pompeii.

Spanish León, Spain

 Intermediate Spanish Learning

Participants in this Spanish language and culture program will take SPAN 201 and 202 OR SPAN 202 and 203, as well as a 5-credit Spanish culture/history class (SPAN 299).  In addition, students will participate in 1 credit of Service Learning (SPAN 292), which will give them the opportunity to work with English teachers in local schools.  All classes will take place in the Palacio del Conde Luna, a 14th century palace that houses the UW Leon Center.