Rec Clubs Officer Resources

Getting started with Rec Clubs

  • Starting a new Rec Club – contains information on how to start a Club, how to reactivate an inactive Club, and applying to be a part of UW Recreation.
  • Club Constitution and Officers – Through this form, clubs must submit this info to the Rec Clubs office at the start of each Autumn quarter.  See an example of how to structure your Club Constitution here.
  • Student Activities Office – every club is part of a network of over 800 Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) on campus.  The Student Activities Office offers resources to all clubs that are currently registered and active.  Each of RSP’s 40 clubs also has an advisor, Jennifer Pope, for campus affairs.

Rec Clubs Officer Handbook

To find a copy of the Rec Clubs Officer Handbook, click here. This handbook is your resource for all facets of club administration including practice schedules, waivers, registration information, and more.

Managing your Rec Club

Whether you’re a new rec clubs officer learning the ins and outs of running the club, or a returning officer trying to remember some of the guidelines and procedures, this is the place for you.

    1. Officers should sign up immediately for the RecClubs listserv, a club officer distribution list, in order to receive important information and announcements about meetings, workshops, training, and general club administration. You can also unsubscribe from the listserv when you are no longer an officer for your Club.
    2. At the beginning of every Autumn Quarter, one Club officer is required to re-register the club as an RSO through the Student Activities Office.  Important: If you fail to re-register your club before the last Friday of October, the club will be deemed inactive and will no longer have reserved facility space or access to IMA budget(s).
      You will also update your club constitution and officers in the re-registration process.
    3. If your club’s leadership team continually neglects to meet requirements set forth by the Rec Clubs Office (administrative, financial and otherwise), it will be subject to disciplinary action under our outlined club policies and procedures. This may include probation, loss of practices, and/or loss of budget.  Prolonged neglect of those responsibilities may result in suspension/expulsion from the Rec Clubs program.

Click below to access specific areas of rec clubs operations:


Practice schedules
Risk Management & Safety 
Events & Travel
Rec Clubs Rosters 
      • Only those who have signed a waiver are eligible to participate in club activity and be added to Club rosters.


Rec Clubs websites 

You can also check out our Frequently Asked Questions page for more info, or email the Rec Clubs Office.