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Departmental Exchange Balance Dashboard

It is the responsibility of the department to review balances with partner universities and communicate with counterparts about space availability.  The exchange balance dashboard can make it easier to get an idea of current balances for inbound and outbound exchanges. 

Exchange Balance Dashboard

Getting Started

In order to access the exchange balance dashboard, you’ll need to be able to access the UW campus network.  If you are using a campus computer or are already connected to the UW campus network, you don’t need to do anything additional.  If you need to access the dashboard remotely, you can download Husky OnNet, the free individual VPN for UW students, faculty and staff. 

Once you are connected to the UW network, you will be able to access the Departmental Exchange Balance Dashboard

Using the dashboard

Using the dashboard

  • Under College/Department, choose the option that applies to you
  • You will see overall balances for both inbound and outbound exchanges by year
  • You can also click on each individual exchange to see a breakdown of inbound and outbound exchange balances by year
  • Each inbound and outbound exchange student will have an exchange weight associated with their exchange.  The exchange weights are defined as below:
    • Outbound exchanges are generally counted by semester, e.g. one semester = 1.5 exchange weights, one year = 3 exchange weights
    • Inbound exchanges are counted by quarter, e.g. one quarter = 1 exchange weight, one year = 3 exchange weights

  • Due to the payment structure of the Home tuition model, exchange balances would ideally balance out each year. While working toward this balance, our hope is that departments not exceed an imbalance of 5 exchange weights each year on either the outbound or inbound side.
  • If an exchange is overly out of balance, the study abroad office can work with you to determine whether it is feasible to continue the exchange.