Sub Budgets Overview

You can add sub budgets to any budget you create. Each type of sub budget serves a particular purpose.

Field Description
Internal UW Budget Since it inherits all of the parent budget’s UW business rules, benefit rates, and F&A settings, it can be used to break out budgets for separate UW departments, for example.
Fabrication Budget The data in this sub budget rolls up to a single line on the parent budget under the (06) Equipment category.
Subcontract Budget The data in this sub budget rolls up to a single line on the parent budget under the (03) Other Contractual Service category.

A subcontract sub budget can also support custom external F&A rates and external benefit rates. You use the F & A tab to set up the rate for just the subcontract. As you add each person to the sub budget, you can enter the appropriate benefit rate in for each period in the Update Periods modal.

The Sub Budgets tab lists all sub budgets associated with the parent budget and allows you to add or import a sub budget.

Sub Budgets list

If there are existing sub budgets, the following information displays:

Field Description
Ref # The unique number assigned to the sub budget. Click it to display the budget’s worksheet.
Type Internal UW Budget, Fabrication Budget, or Subcontract Budget
Working Title The name of the sub budget.
Origin Describes the source of this sub budget – either created directly or imported (copied).

Delete link displays to the far right of each sub budget listed. Click the link to remove the sub budget from the parent budget.

Below the list are two links.

  • Add Sub Budget: Click this to create a new sub budget.
  • Import Existing Budget: Click this to search for and select an existing budget to be related to this parent budget. The imported budget will be added as an Internal UW type sub budget.

Another way to access a sub budget is through the list at the bottom of the parent worksheet.