F&A Tab

The F&A page displays the Facilities and Administrative (F&A) information for your budget.

Funding Details

The F&A rate, also referred to as “indirect cost,” is based on four criteria: sponsor, institutional activity category, location, and, if relevant, a specific funding mechanism. The following image shows an example of the Funding Details section. The fields are described below.


Field Description
Sponsor Name Since the sponsor, and the optional flow-through sponsor, is one of the criteria for calculating the F&A Rate, they are displayed here for reference.
Institutional Activity Category Displays the category selected for this budget.

  • Organized Research
  • Instruction
  • Other Sponsored Activities

See GIM 13: Activity Types for definitions.

Location Displays the location selected for this budget.

  • APL
  • Harborview Medical Center
  • Lake Union Campus
  • Off Campus
  • On Campus
Specific Funding Mechanism Displays one of the following options, if selected:

  • Industry Sponsored Clinical Trial
  • K and T Awards
  • Regional Primate Ctr – Core Grant
  • Regional Primate Ctr – Non-Core Grant
  • Regional Primate Ctr – Non-Federal Other
  • Research Vessels

Facility & Administrative Rates and Base

This section displays the Facilities and Administrative rate information for your budget.

F&A tab rates and base

Standard First Period F&A Rate

The rate is calculated based on the start date for your first budget period and the information in the Funding Details section (described above).

To see the rate applied to each period of your budget, click on the View F&A Rate for each period link. An example is shown in the following image.

standard F&A rate

For more information on F&A rates, see GIM 13 Facilities and Administrative (F&A) Rates  and the Institutional Facts and Rates page.

Base Type

The Base Type is based on the information you provide in the Funding Details section. Possible Base Types include:

  • Salary and Wages (S&W)
  • Total Direct Cost (TDC)
  • Modified Total Direct Cost (MTDC)
  • Total Direct Cost less Equipment & Tuition (TDC less E&T)
  • Custom: This is a preparer-defined budget category

Change the F&A Rate or Base Type?

No longer available.

Refresh Rate

No longer available.

Display Object Codes

Click the Show F&A object codes link to view the object codes included in your F&A Base.

F&A tab show objects codes

This section lists the Object Codes, and indicates which ones are included in the Facilities & Administrative Base by a green checkmark. Click on any object code description to display its sub-object codes.  Use the large, green plus (+) and minus (-) buttons to expand and contract all of the object codes.

Click on the Hide F&A object codes link at the bottom of the section to close it.

For more information, see GIM 23 Sponsored Program Costing Policy.