Student Aid Stipend Costs

The (08-02) Stipends line is used for student stipend costs. Stipends are not associated with a specific student.

Line Setup

The Setup modal displays the Description and UW Sub-Object Code selected.

The Cascade Entries checkbox will be checked if “Cascade entries on non-salary items” was selected.

Any Notes associated with this line item will display.

Update Periods

Values entered for the Description and the UW Sub-Object Code display for reference.

The name of the period and its date range will display at the top of the period column.

The following values display for each period:

  • Number of Stipends
  • Stipend Amount
  • SubTotal
  • Increase (%)
  • Period Inflation
  • Total

The calculations are:

  • Period Subtotal = Number of Stipends times Stipend Amount
  • Total = Period Subtotal plus (General Inflation Rate (%) times Period Subtotal)