Capital Projects Costs

The (10) Capital Projects line item is used for costs for the design and construction of buildings. These expenses include land acquisition, design, project management, and site work. They also include art work, fixed equipment, and furnishings.

Line Setup

The Setup modal displays the Description and UW Sub-Object Code selected.

The Cascade Entries checkbox will be checked if “Cascade entries on non-salary items” was selected.

Any Notes associated with this line item will display.

Update Periods

Values entered for the Description and the UW Sub-Object Code display for reference.

The name of the period and its date range will display at the top of the period column.

The following values display for each period:

  • Quantity
  • Price
  • Period Subtotal
  • General Inflation Rate (%)
  • Period Inflation
  • Total

The overall total for the line item displays in the Summary ($) column at the far right.