Facilities & Administrative Update Periods

The value of the Facilities and Administrative (F&A) line for a period or the summary column is equal to the Amount Subject to Facilities and Administrative times the F&A rate.

The global F&A rate is determined in step 3 of the budget setup. You can edit it on the F&A tab.

You can change the F&A rate for a single period by clicking the value in that period’s column. Note: The new F&A rate will only apply to that specific period.

The field values displayed at the top of the modal are the ones chosen in step 3 of the budget setup, or as modified on the Properties or F&A tab pages.

  • Sponsor Name
  • Flow Through Sponsor
  • Institutional Activity Category
  • Location
  • Specific Funding Mechanism
  • Base Type

Click on the expansion triangle to open the F&A section at the bottom of the modal to see the following fields:

  • Period Rate is Custom: When you enter a rate in the F&A Rate field that is different from the global rate, this box will display as checked to indicate that a custom rate applies to this specific period.
  • Justification for Custom Rate: This field is required when you specify a rate other than the global rate.