Budget Notes

Notes may have been added to your budget for line items or on the F&A tab. Notes will display on the print and exported versions of the budget.

There is a Notes field on the Line Setup page for the following line items:

  • (01) Salary and Wages
  • (02) Service Contracts
  • (03) Other Contractual Services
  • (04) Travel
  • (05) Supplies and Materials
  • (06) Equipment
  • (07) Retirement and Benefits (period entry pages only)
  • (08) Student Aid
  • (10) Capital Projects
  • (38) Unallocated
  • (25) Facilities and Administrative (period entry pages only)

There is also a Notes icon on the F&A tab. 

The notes icon will display an asterisk (*) to indicate that notes were added.

Budget notes icon with asterisk

Click on the icon to expand the notes box and view the text.

budget notes example