Periods Tab

The Periods tab is where you define your budget periods.

This is Step 2 in the budget creation wizard. After you complete the setup for your budget, you can access this page by clicking on the Periods tab.

You give each period a description, along with start and end dates. You are not limited in the number of periods you can add to your budget.

The dates for the periods must be contiguous. This means the start date of the next period must be the day after the end date of the preceding period. In other words, there may not be any gaps of time between periods.

Create the First Period

Enter a name in the Description field. By default, the initial value is Period 1, but you can use any other description of your choice. If you use Period 1 or Year 1, when you add another period, the system increments the number for each new description, giving you Period or Year 2, Period or Year 3, and so forth.

budget periods tab

Set the Start Date and End Date

Clicking in the Start Date field displays a two-month, pop-up calendar. You can select a date by clicking on it, or you can enter the date directly. On the calendar, use the single arrow buttons to change the month, and the double arrow buttons to change the year.

Use the same steps to select an End Date. The system will verify that your end date is after your start date, and that both dates are valid.

budget periods tab dates

Add Periods

To add another period to your budget, select Add Period below the Description field.

A new period row displays with start and end dates based on those of the first period. The new period automatically matches the time span of the prior period. In this example, the start and end dates increment by a year. Each row will have the same number of days as the previous period.

Note: If your budget period includes a leap year, it will not impact the Effort Months as calculated on the Personnel setup page.


Add as many periods as you need.

Delete a Period

A Delete link displays to the right of the last period added to a budget. Click this link to remove the period.  A pop-up warning will appear to confirm the action. When you delete a period, all data for that period is also deleted. You may only delete the last period at any time.

Edit the Periods

You can modify the periods you establish for your budget at any time by clicking the Periods tab from the Worksheet page. Note, however, that changing your budget periods may affect the Facilities & Administrative (F&A) rate for your parent budget and any associated internal UW sub-budgets. The F&A rate will automatically recalculate based on the new dates you enter.

If you decrease the length of an existing period, the number of months for salary & wages entries for that period will be changed. However, if you increase the length of the period, the number of months for existing salary & wages entries will not change. Any new entries will default to the new value for months.