Salary and Wages Setup

This is the setup page for personnel, including To Be Determined (TBD) persons. (See Salary and Wages Introduction.)

It consists of four sections

Primary Position Type & Fringe Benefit Rate

This section contains the default values for the person being added, as described in the following table. This image shows the fields with example data for a budget that includes APL benefits.

primary position type and fringe benefit rate section

Field Description
Prefix An optional prefix for the person selected. Max of 10 characters (NIH limit).

Note: prefix is not available from any personnel system currently.

This will appear on the worksheet, and if your budget is connected to a Grant Runner application, the prefix will also flow through to the RR Detailed Budget form.

Name The person selected in the Personnel Chooser.

For a TBD person, this field has a default value of “TBD” and is editable; the value saves as the PI First Name, which is one of the advanced search fields.

Suffix An optional suffix for the person selected.

If the person has a suffix as part of their legal name or preferred name in Workday, it will auto-populate this field.

Max of 10 characters (NIH limit).
This will appear on the worksheet, and if your budget is connected to a Grant Runner application, the prefix will also flow through to the RR Detailed Budget form.

Title The selected person’s title.

For a TBD person, this field is editable.

UW Sub Object Code The UW Sub Object Code for the person selected. This code has a direct relationship with the one in the (08) Benefits section. If this code changes, the Benefits code will change to match.

For a TBD person, the default value is “(00) MISC”. Be sure you choose the appropriate UW Sub Object Code for the role to ensure the correct benefit rates.

The default Sub Object Codes for graduate students are:

  • (30) for Graduate School Student Appointments – Teaching
  • (40) for Graduate School Student Appointments – Non-Teaching

For information on graduate student compensation levels for NIH grants, see the Graduate Assistantship Compensation section on the Salary and Benefits web page.

View the complete list of UW Sub-Object Codes.

Include APL Benefits Displays if you selected Budget includes Applied Physics Lab (APL) in the Advanced Settings section of the Properties tab.

Checking the box changes the Benefit Type for this person.

Benefits Exemptions Provides current HR benefit exemption information on the individual and enables you to change the benefit exemption classification for the person.
Current Campus Benefit Rate 

or Current APL Benefit Rate, and Current APL Leave Rate

Displays the appropriate benefit information for this person or the sub-object code selected for a TBD person.

If you checked Include APL Benefits, the two APL Rates will display in place of the Current Campus Benefit Rate.

Cascade Entries The system cascades salary values across periods by default. You can uncheck this box to turn it off. When cascading is on and you have multiple budget periods, you will experience the following:

  • When you change either the Monthly Base Salary amount or Salary Inflation Rate, all future period Monthly Salary Base values will be updated.
  • The “Effort” section values, salary inflation rate, and any prior period entries will be unaffected by cascading, so that any custom entries will be retained.

Project Role and Effort

Use this section to indicate whether the person’s position is Calendar or Academic, their role in the project, and the amount of effort.

project role and effort section

Field Description
Worker Position Type Defaults to Calendar, which is a 12-month period. Academic/Summer consists of a 9-month academic period plus a 3-month summer period.
Project Role The default value is “Other.” Select the appropriate role for each person. Choices are:

  • Principal Investigator
  • Application PI
  • Multiple PI
  • Mentor
  • Co-Investigator
  • Faculty
  • Key Personnel
  • Post Doctoral Associate
  • Graduate Student
  • Undergraduate Student
  • Secretarial/Clerical
  • Fellow (deprecated)
  • Other (default)

As you add personnel, they will display in the order of the roles in the drop-down list. Therefore, the Principal Investigator displays as the first person listed in the 01 section, then Application PI, if included, and so on.

Note: You can designate only one Principal Investigator and only one Application PI. The role of Fellow has been removed, but will appear for older Budgets. Only one person can have the role of Principal Investigator or Application PI.

% Effort

Academic % Effort

Calendar % Effort

Used to calculate the Person Months, Period and Project Totals for the person’s (01) Salaries and Wages line items. It is dependent on appointment type.

  • For a “Calendar” appointment, the percentage of effort is calculated on a 12-month period.
  • For an “Academic” appointment, the effort periods are broken into two terms, Academic (9 months) and Summer (3 months).
  • A correct value for effort is important because the person’s total salary for the period is equal to: % Effort times Starting Monthly Salary times the number of months in the period.
  • The value you enter in the Setup will be used by all of the budget periods, by default. You can change the value for any specific period as needed on its period entry page.

Note: the two academic terms are independent of each other, so a person can have up to 100% effort for each term (academic and summer).

Academic Hours Per Month

Summer Hours Per Month

Displayed only for Academic Appointment types, once for Academic and once for Summer. The value is equal to the % Effort times 173.3 (the number of hours in a standard month).

Salary, Wages, and Stipends

This section displays information about the selected person’s earnings.

salary, wages, and stipends section

Note: If your sponsor imposes a salary cap, use the fields on the Targets & Caps Tab to enable the cap and specify the Annual Salary Cap Amount. The system will automatically adjust salaries to reflect the cap, and indicate which personnel have a capped salary.

Field Description
Date Retrieved  System-generated date (mm/dd/yyyy) indicating when the salary information was retrieved from the source system.
UW Monthly Salary The salary of the person based on a 100% FTE.
Clinical Monthly Salary The clinical salary information where applicable.

The earnings table lists all of the earnings for the selected person.

Column Description
Checkbox This is checked by default to include this row in the Starting Monthly Salary total
PositionID  Unique identifier for the Workday position
Obj-SubObject  This value is 01 for Salary and Wages, followed by the sub-object code for the selected person
Cost Center  Cost center name and code
Organization  Organizational unit name and 10-digit code
Position Title  Selected person’s title for this position
Pay Type  Possible pay types are:

  • Allowance
  • Stipend
  • Basepay

Administrative and Endowed Supplements are included for Non-Faculty Personnel.

Unallocated Rate Monthly or Hourly Rate
Distribution %  Proportion of total for this earning type
FTE Rate  Total of Unallocated Rate value times the Distribution percent

Below this table is the Update Salary link. It updates this person’s salary for all periods with the latest information from Workday. Any new earnings that are not currently displayed will not be included in updated figure. It also updates the “date retrieved” value.

Note: if you want to update a person’s salary for other than the whole worksheet, you can use the Update Salary links in the Update Periods modal.

The Starting Monthly Salary field will reflect the total of the selected (checked) earning rows. If needed, it can be edited to include other earnings.


Select the V-shaped chevron at the right of the bar to expand the notes section. Enter your notations in the Note field.

When you are done, select Save & Return to Worksheet to close this modal and display the worksheet or Update Periods to open that modal.