History Tab

The Budget History page allows you to see different versions of your budget, status changes, and comments. If you linked any eGC1s to your budget, you will see the approval history for the eGC1 on this page.

Budget History

The Budget History table includes an entry for each status change and for any “timestamp” versions you add.

In addition, if you connected your budget to an eGC1, you also will see an eGC1 History and Comments section. When a budget is connected to multiple eGC1s, there will be multiple eGC1 History sections.

History Tab

Budget Edit Numbers

Each time you save a change to your budget, the Budget Edit Number increments. So the first number shown on includes all of the data saves from the creation setup steps.

Note: Only Budget Edit Numbers associated with key actions, such as a change to the status of your budget, display in the Budget History.

To see a read-only version of your budget at a specific point in time, click the corresponding Budget Edit Number in the table. The budget will open in a new window with a red “read-only” banner.  To edit the budget, close the read-only version and open the main budget by clicking the Worksheet tab.

Reviewer Tip: If you review a preliminary budget, note the Budget Edit Number. Later when you review the “final” budget, if the budget edit number hasn’t changed, you will know you are looking at the same budget. If the budget has changed, you can open up the version you originally reviewed and compare it to the current budget.

Timestamps and Comments

The system automatically logs a comment in the Budget History for certain actions. You can also capture a “timestamp” copy of your budget to track changes or record progress on the budget. This allows you to view the copy at a later time, after additional changes have occurred.

To make a timestamp copy, select Create Timestamp and add your comments. Each time you create a timestamp, the system assigns a new Budget Edit Number. The Number links to the version of the budget when you created the timestamp.

Note: Anyone with read/write access to the budget can use the Delete link to remove any user-created timestamp.

Linked eGC1 History

If you have linked one (or more) periods of your SAGE budget to an eGC1, the approvals history for each eGC1 will display below the Budget History. The section title is made up of the period description and the phrase “eGC1 History and Comments for” followed by the eGC1 number.

Select the section heading (eGC1 History and Comments) or the plus sign to expand the section. The history will include a Budget Edit Number for each entry, making it easy to see if the budget changed during the eGC1 approval process.

e g c 1 history on budget

To open your eGC1, click the View eGC1 link. The eGC1 will display in a new window. If your eGC1 is in routing, a Withdraw eGC1 link will also display.

Note: If an eGC1 is marked as Ready to Submit and has reached In OSP status, it cannot be withdrawn. Instead, contact OSP and request they return the eGC1.