University Marketing & Communications

Banners and signage

UW retractable banners

You can have a banner made for your department at C+C Communications for around $200. They have templates on hand, or you can customize your own. See more information

Signage usage on campus

The following rules and permits apply. Please read carefully!
-Putting banners on campus buildings
-Place sandwich boards around campus
-Putting banners on light poles

Campus signage resources

Check out the Branded Event Templates available here.
On campus large format printing can be found at UW Creative.
For specialty posters, check out UW Posters

Off-campus signage vendors

These are some of the companies used around campus for banners and signs.
Washington Graphics LLC
S&J Graphics
McNamara Signs
Visual Graphic Systems

Poster display rentals

Please see posterboard examples for information on display rentals available for your conference or event. Please note: Conference Services does not rent these directlyРyou can get them from the following vendors (includes delivery and set-up):

GES Exposition
Fern Expo

Standard poster boards are 4′ x 8′ and they are double-sided.

The “useable” surface area of each poster board side is 3′ 9″ high by 7′ 7″ wide. (The rest of the area is taken up by the frame.)

For one poster per side, you may inform the authors that the allowable space is: 91″ by 45″ (or round down to 2 meters by 1 meter)

For two posters per side: each presenter may plan on an area of 45″ x 45″ (or round down to 1 meter by 1 meter — with room to spare to separate each poster)