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Strategic Partnerships

Partnering for the greater good

The University of Washington is proud to build strong relationships with our partners that strengthens our shared vision to serve Washington and the world. By exploring and discovering mutually beneficial opportunities for the UW and sponsors, we can create a strong connection for support and build a successful relationship.

The UW currently has four university-wide strategic partnerships — Alaska Airlines, BECU, PepsiCo and Starbucks, and a limited partnership with AT&T. Our partners are extended “campus exclusivity” or “preferred status” as well as the opportunity to support a variety of UW initiatives, programs and/or events based on identified areas of interests and focus for each partner.

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Strategic Partnerships

Sponsoring the UW

Strategic Partnerships within University Marketing & Communications (UMAC) is responsible for UW-wide sponsorships and relationships must be coordinated through this office and working together with relevant stakeholders on campus. UMAC’s process to prepare sponsorship proposals includes reviewing opportunities and collaborating to develop a good fit:

  • Understand focus, goals, and objectives of sponsors
  • Explore events, programs, and initiatives the UW has that match these.
  • Meet with UW stakeholders to gather data and discover opportunities.
  • Present sponsor with identified opportunities. Modify with input from both parties as necessary.
  • If interested, move forward with strategy, planning and implementation.

In addition, the expectation is for recipients of UW-wide sponsorships to ensure the completion of the items below to build strong relationships and showcase the success of the engagement:

  • Sponsor approval on marketing assets that incorporate sponsor logos or other creative.
  • Activation on all agreed upon assets/benefits included within the proposal as approved.
  • Development of a fulfillment report which can be a collaboration with UMAC Strategic Partnerships with information including:
    1. Overview of how the initiative, project or event went
    2. Evidence of activations which may include images, screen shots, etc.
    3. Success metrics which may include marketing outreach (website views, email + social outreach), attendance, etc.

Sponsorships not involving UW-wide sponsorships or UW-wide categories are explored independently, directly with potential sponsors with the following understanding:

  • Ensure compliance with the UW Sponsorship Policy.
  • The UW has exclusivity with Alaska Airlines, PepsiCo, and Starbucks in the airlines and beverage categories—other sponsors within these categories are prohibited.
  • The UW has preferred status with BECU and AT&T in the finance and telecommunications categories—other sponsors within this category are allowed.

Coming on campus

Organizations wishing to come on campus are required to go through the Office of Special Programs’ Use of University Facilities (UUF) program.

Sponsoring your organization

Would you like the UW to sponsor your organization? Strategic Partnerships handles these requests – please reach out to to inquire about more details.