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Font choice is a critical component of typography because it contributes to a text’s visual mood and meaning. Effective font usage includes uniform use that conveys brand identity and is accessible to readers. The UW brand employs font families — Encode Sans, Uni Sans Book and Open Sans — that fuse functionality with a bold, confident presence.

Font impact is further heightened through typographic styling and formatting. As Huskies, we know the impact of how two letters — UW — can change the world.

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Primary fonts

Encode Sans

Encode Sans is a bold yet versatile typeface and is our preferred font for headlines and body copy, particularly for print materials.

Encode Sans Sample


Uni Sans

A light, modern font that contrasts well with Encode Sans, Uni Sans is a great for subheads, but generally not for ideal for body copy.

Uni Sans Sample


Open Sans

Open Sans is a very friendly and accessible font and is recommended for body copy on the web, due to it’s readability.

Open Sans Sample


Alternative fonts

The UW brand includes three alternative fonts meant to add additional elements and variety to our materials. These fonts should be used to complement our primary fonts, rather than replace them. They can be used as headlines or as graphical text elements, as in the examples below. Similar to how our accent colors our used, alternative fonts should make up no more than 15% of any material.


This workhorse typeface works for body copy or headings, and is is fun and whimsical.

Bookmania Sample


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Roboto Slab

This is a slab serif font that brings a collegiate tone to our materials and is good for headings.

Roboto Slab Sample


Rozha One

This is an excellent typeface to bring sophistication to a project and for highlighting numbers.

Rozha One Sample


Microsoft Office fonts

When working within Microsoft Office programs, including Word and PowerPoint, we recommend using the below system fonts in place of our primary fonts. When you include a font that is not a standard system font, the recipient of that document will only see that font if they also have it downloaded.


Arial is the system font that is most similar to Encode Sans.

Arial Sample


Calibri is the system font that is most similar to Open Sans.

Calibri Sample

Chinese font


The preferred font for all UW collateral published in Chinese or bilingual is SimSun. This font can be bolded or enlarged for headers.


See the Chinese style guide.