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The magic of graphics

You have one chance to make a first impression. People process visual information faster than text, which means compelling graphics are key to catching attention. The UW brand puts its best foot forward through a suite of graphic options ranging from headlines and taglines to distinctive backgrounds and the iconic Boundless W.

The purpose of graphics extends beyond good looks. For example, the Boundless W graphic visually embodies our Be Boundless philosophy. When placed at a layout’s edge, it appears to break the page bounds and continue indefinitely.

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Note: RGB files are recommended for Microsoft Office use, while HEX files are good for web use.

Boundless W

Our Boundless W is simply a graphic treatment of the University Block W logo. What makes it boundless? When it aligns to the bottom or either side of a frame edge it creates the appearance of bleeding off the page — giving it the feeling of not being contained. Our University wordmark is a partner to the Boundless W and should appear opposite the Boundless W on the page.


The Boundless W can scale from its minimum size 0.875” to 30% of the longest edge.

Boundlessw Size


A clear area equivalent to the height of the serif on the Boundless W Logo must be preserved around the complete Logo. Non-signature elements such as type or images (excluding a background treatment) may not encroach on the clear area.

Boundlessw Space


Our Boundless W can bleed off the bottom or one side. Do not bleed the W off two sides or off the top.

Incorrect usage

Boundlessw Incorrectexamples1


Our wordmark or department signature should be on the opposite side from the Boundless W.

Correct usage
Boundlessw Correctexamples

Boundless band

The Boundless band offers the W freedom while allowing flexibility for use in a smaller scale layout. When using the Boundless W at its minimum size (.25″), house it within the Boundless band. The band can be used to house the University wordmark or your departmental signature mark as well.

The band has a 15-degree slant at one end that echoes the angles of the Block W logo.

Preserve a clear area equivalent to the height of the Boundless W logo around the complete signature. Do not cover the band with type or other graphics. And remember the Block W logo can only be used in white, black, gray, gold and of course purple. Please do not make the W transparent, unless the background color is within the approved logo palette.

Boundlessband Size 300x277

Boundlessband Space3

Using the Boundless band

Our Boundless band can align with either edge of a frame and may or may not bleed. It should not align with the bottom of a page in order to retain the integrity of the band shape. If you are using the University wordmark outside of the band, the wordmark should appear opposite the band within the page.

Boundlessband Correctexamples 1024x391

Do not use the Boundless band and the large Boundless W together on the same page. In general, you only need one logo per page. Do not align the Boundless band on a bottom or top edge.

Boundlessband Incorrectexamples1


Download individual files below, or a vector file of all Boundless band styles

Boundless bar

The bar, like the Boundless band, has an angle on the end that echos the 15-degree angle of the block W shape. The bar may be used in any of the brand colors.


To create the bar, use the x-width of a letter stem to create a base measurement. Use the x-width to measure the height of the bar. This is not a perfect solution for every instance, but will give you a starting point.

To avoid appearing like it is underlining portions of words when used in headline treatments, the bar should always end at the middle of a letterform.

Styledheadline Size

Styled tagline

Our styled tagline has the feeling of forward movement — visually represented as angled letters. Because the typography has been manipulated, we offer several styled tagline lockups as downloadable files for your use. The styled tagline can work well with the Boundless W or the Boundless band.

The Boundless tagline can stand alone or be used in partnership with a 15-degree angled line. The line echos the forward movement and is a simplistic representation of the edge of the Block W logo.


Styledtagline Sizel


A clear area equivalent to the B must be preserved around the complete tagline. Elements such as type or images (excluding a background treatment) may not encroach on the clear area.

Styledtagline Spacel


The length of the 15-degree angled line is determined by whether it bleeds off the top of the page, the bottom of the page or doesn’t bleed at all.

Styledtagline Bleedl

Angled background

A 15 degree angle is used throughout the brand graphic elements. The angle mimics the angle of the block W logo — and simply reinforces the familiar shape. On its own the angle creates interesting graphic lines, shapes and textures.


A repeating pattern of 15 degree lines creates the angled background texture. Use this to accent your brand designs. Keep minimal contrast between the texture and your background — this element should be subtle. The texture should not be used behind the block W logo.

Convio Template Uwsig Campaign Texture


Angled line

A 15 degree line/rectangle can be used as a graphic layer to accent your brand designs. Use one bar or layer multiple.

Convio Template Uwsig Campaign 1slash
Convio Template Uwsig Campaign 2slash

Other icons

The icons below are frequently seen on University web properties. However, various icon sets can be found online to meet your needs.

To download the icons below click and save as to your desktop.

Uw Icons Clipboard Plus 30 E1469485575933 Uw Icons Champion Award Trophy E1469485555300 Uw Icons Check Mark E1469485539840 Uw Icons Clipboard List E1469485522887 Uw Icons Cd Dvd E1469485509400 Uw Icons Cellphone E1469485496488 Uw Icons Car Front E1469485483145 Uw Icons Car Sedan E1469485470325

Uw Icons Camera Photo E1469485453692 Uw Icons Car Fast E1469485440427 Uw Icons Calendar E1469485426506 Uw Icons Camera Film E1469485409515 Uw Icons Calculator E1469485393732 Uw Icons Briefcase E1469485379620 Uw Icons Broken Heart E1469485367538 Uw Icons Barometer Weather E1469485351301 Uw Icons Books E1469485326565 Uw Icons Banner Cross E1469485308854 Uw Icons Banner Plus E1469485293423

Uw Icons Bandaids E1469485278917 Uw Icons Banner Blank E1469485264590 Uw Icons Award Ribbon E1469484727143 Uw Icons Bandaid E1469484658545 Uw Icons Award Ribbon Medal E1469484628248 (1) Uw Icons Business Building E1469547322553 Uw Icons Anchor E1469484642636 Uw Icons Diploma Award Certificate E1469486136534 Uw Icons Dollar Coin E1469486120465 Uw Icons Crest E1469485831113 Uw Icons Cursor Arrow E1469485816103 Uw Icons Computer Mouse E1469485791571 Uw Icons Credit Card E1469485777211 Uw Icons Coffee Cup E1469485760101 Uw Icons Compass Direction E1469485713587 Uw Icons Cloud Upload E1469485672143 Uw Icons Cloud E1469485660644 Uw Icons Cloud Cancel X Remove E1469485646264 Uw Icons Cloud Add Plus E1469485608630 Uw Icons Cloud Download E1469485632674 Uw Icons Clothing Shirt E1469485620165 Uw Icons Clipboard Plus 29 E1469485596392 Uw Icons Key E1469486763536 Uw Icons House E1469486774541 Uw Icons Husky Paw E1469486786790 Uw Icons Hospital Health Cross E1469486800291 Uw Icons Hot Coffee Mug E1469486814375 Uw Icons Headphones E1469486827340 Uw Icons Heart E1469486849822 Uw Icons Happy Smile Rain Drop E1469486862915 Uw Icons Headphones Microphone Headset E1469486873384 Uw Icons Government Building E1469486887694 Uw Icons Grad Cap E1469486900838 Uw Icons Globe E1469486912111 Uw Icons Glasses E1469486924805 Uw Icons Globe Stand E1469486936968 Uw Icons Gears E1469486949582 Uw Icons Garbage Trash Bin E1469486959361 Uw Icons Gear E1469486973508 Uw Icons Flag Triangle E1469486984402

Uw Icons Flag E1469486996275 Uw Icons Flag 2 E1469487008556 Uw Icons Flag Triangle Pole E1469487022970 Uw Icons Film E1469487033605 Uw Icons First Aid Medical Kit E1469487047632 Uw Icons Fast Forward Button E1469487058622 Uw Icons Fast Forward End E1469487079461 Uw Icons Eye E1469487090411 Uw Icons Envelope E1469487101247 Uw Icons Evergreen Tree E1469487114517 Uw Icons Eject Button E1469487126739 Uw Icons Envelope Open Letter E1469487138689 Uw Icons Monitor Or Tv E1469486533333 Uw Icons Minus Button E1469486544150 Uw Icons Map Pinpoint Direction E1469486558789 Uw Icons Microscope E1469486573961 Uw Icons Magnifying Glass E1469486626299 Uw Icons Map Direction E1469486637262 Uw Icons Lock E1469486648417 Uw Icons Lightbulb E1469486683672

Uw Icons Magnifying Glass Minus Zoom Out E1469486661262 Uw Icons Magnifying Glass Plus Zoom In E1469486672778 Uw Icons Lightning E1469486695853 Uw Icons Laptop E1469486709597 Uw Icons Leaf E1469486723392 Uw Icons Landscape Photographs E1469486738431 Uw Icons Landscape Photograph E1469486751456 Uw Icons Pencil Writing E1469486323393 Uw Icons Pen Writing E1469486335782 Uw Icons Person Plus Add E1469486311853 Uw Icons Pen Brush Pencil E1469486346489 Uw Icons Pause Button E1469486356765 Uw Icons Partial Sun Cloud E1469486368567 Uw Icons Page E1469486382554
Uw Icons Paint Brush E1469486397675 Uw Icons Open Book Bookmark E1469486408433 Uw Icons Open Book E1469486420193 Uw Icons Notebook E1469486431297 Uw Icons Nucleus Science E1469486443271 Uw Icons Music Quaver Eighth Note E1469486492380Uw Icons Musical Beamed Eighth Note E1469486506938 Uw Icons Money Bag E1469486520553 Uw Icons Ruler E1469485942643 Uw Icons Rocket In Flight E1469485970108 Uw Icons Rewind Button E1469485990464 Uw Icons Sad Face Rain Drop E1469485957807 Uw Icons Rewind Beginning Button E1469486029195 Uw Icons Rain Drop E1469486041415 Uw Icons Rain Drop E1469486041415 (1) Uw Icons Rain Cloud E1469486054398 Uw Icons Purse Bag E1469486065658 Uw Icons Purple Fish E1469486075326 Uw Icons Plus Button E1469486168178 Uw Icons Play Button E1469486181653 Uw Icons Phone E1469486193900 Uw Icons Person Remove Delete E1469486205600 Uw Icons Person E1469486216180 Uw Icons People Network E1469486297782 Uw Icons Speaker E1469485065345 Uw Icons Sound Mute E1469485081985Uw Icons Sound Low E1469485094419 Uw Icons Sound Loud E1469485106713 Uw Icons Sound Board E1469485122799 Uw Icons Snowflake E1469485135494 Uw Icons Social Media Connections E1469485146246 Uw Icons Scroll Diploma E1469485159697 Uw Icons Shield E1469485176282 Uw Icons Science Tube E1469485194476 Uw Icons Science Round Beaker E1469485210307 Uw Icons Science Beaker E1469485227531 Uw Icons Sail Boat E1469485889541 Uw Icons School Building E1469485912619 Uw Icons Rocket E1469485925235 Uw Icons Tab Point Down E1469484777649 Uw Icons Sun E1469484792869 Uw Icons Suitcase E1469484814696 Uw Icons Suitcase Briefcase E1469484826926 Uw Icons Stop Button E1469484841432 Uw Icons Stamp Frame E1469484856729 Uw Icons Stethoscope E1469484868612Uw Icons Sppech Plus Yes E1469484879134 Uw Icons Squares E1469484896357 Uw Icons Speech Words E1469484907824 Uw Icons Speech Smile E1469485000391 Uw Icons Speech Sad Face E1469485014777 Uw Icons Speech Empty E1469485029725 Uw Icons Speech Cancel No E1469485041950 Uw Icons Speech Elipses E1469485053617 Uw Icons Us Dollar E1469484365131 Uw Icons Us Dollars E1469484377789 Uw Icons Umbrella 1 E1469484391181 Uw Icons Unlock E1469484403171 Uw Icons Umbrella 2 E1469484421110 Uw Icons Triangle Ruler E1469484434298 Uw Icons Tool Box E1469484476250 Uw Icons Time Hour Glass E1469484497438 Uw Icons Ticket E1469484506975 Uw Icons Thunder Lightning Cloud E1469484517572 Uw Icons Tag Hole E1469484529485 Uw Icons Tab Point Right E1469484548314Uw Icons Tablet Phablet E1469484738186 Uw Icons Tab Point Up E1469484749818 Uw Icons Tab Point Left E1469484764706 Uw Icons Airplane E1469487403224 Uw Icons Alarm Clock E1469484191489 Uw Icons Analogue Clock E1469484608589 Uw Icons Award Ribbon Medal E1469484628248 Uw Icons X Cancel Button E1469483552762 Uw Icons World Atlantic E1469484022671 Uw Icons World Americas E1469484053744
Uw Icons World Africa Europe E1469483933269 Uw Icons Windy Side Rain Cloud E1469484132422 Uw Icons Wine Glass Empty E1469484233883 Uw Icons Web Page E1469484247598 Uw Icons White Fish E1469484263354 (1) Uw Icons Web Page Code E1469484282348 Uw Icons Waving Flag E1469484340490