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An event to remember

Roll out the red carpet and paint the town purple and gold! Whether you are planning a large event or intimate gathering, our event resources will guide you from concept to completion. Guarantee that guests are impressed!

From invitations to venue selection, catering, transportation, and even special guests – hello Harry the Husky! – use our expertise to help navigate the logistics. If you are new to Husky event planning, check the Campus Resource Guide for a general overview of services and contacts. Let us help add the WOW! factor to ensure it’s an affair to remember.

Questions? Contact


Guest services


If you’d like to invite the UW President, the Provost or Regents to your event, please follow the links below for protocol. Please submit these requests as early as possible, preferably 10-12 weeks prior to your event.


The university uses Cvent as an event management platform to create events online as well as a registration tool for guests.

Seating software


Venues with UW contracts

Please see “Hotels” on the UW Purchasing site for venues with no-bid contracts. Be advised that the only people who have authority to sign a contract or agreement for the University of Washington are the buyers in Purchasing.

Campus facilities

A good resource for general information about campus facilities and services can be found in the Campus Resource Guide.

You can also check out the amazing Scout!, which offers customizable filters (under the husky icon) with lots of pictures. Originally developed for study space, it’s a great resource for finding all kinds of venues at the UW.

Venue search resources

Outdoor events

Reserving an outdoor space on campus

At least two weeks notice is required to reserve an outdoor space on campus. You will also be required to submit a Use of University Facilities Form. For a complete list of locations and information, please see the outdoor events & reservations page.


For general questions and assistance, contact the Care Team, at 206-685-1900.

Likewise, if you’d like to make the campus grounds look nice for an event (leaf blowing, pressure washing, tree trimming), contact the Care Team at 206-685-1900. Please allow plenty of time before the event. A budget number will be required for services to be performed.

Custodial services

If you need extra cleaning for your event, you can submit a work request through Facilities Services, or contact the Care Team directly at (206) 685-1900. For more information, visit Facilities Services custodial pages. You will need a budget number to pay for services when ordered.

Power and electricity outdoors

To get power to your event, start by submitting a work request through the Care Team, or call 206-685-1900. Please have a university budget number available for extra electrical services. Red Square has power available at the brick towers, in the tree wells near the food trucks, and in the wall of Kane behind the obelisk. Contact the Care Team before using any outlets.

Tent & canopy requirements

As of January 1, 2015 tent, occupancy, and flame permits are being handled by the Seattle Fire Department. See rules and regulations.

Please note: A permit is required from the Seattle Fire Department (SFD) for a tent, canopy or air supported structure in excess of 400 square feet. (Larger than 20×20). Check out their handy flowchart and FAQs about permits. They can be reached at (206) 543-7262 or via their website.. EXCEPTION: Tents/canopies open on all sides (roof only) are not required to get a permit issued by the Seattle Fire department if it meets all of the following conditions:

  • Individual maximum size of 700 square feet.
  • IAggregate area of multiple tents placed together is 700 sq ft or less.
  • IMinimum of 12 feet clearance between the tent and any structure.

IMPORTANT! Complete application with fee must be received at least 30 calendar days priorto the event in order to avoid a late fee of 50%. Application and/or fee received 3 or fewer business days prior to the event may not be processed and the permit not issued.

If tents are being used in conjunction with assembly events, an additional permit is required for the assembly.  The good news is, if you pay for an assembly permit, the TENT FEE IS WAIVED.  But you still need to apply for a tent permit.

Applications for temporary assembly occupancy permits must be submitted 30 days prior to the event to allow time for review and help ensure the safety of event participants.  Anything less than that incurs a 50% penalty.

Tent permit applications are due 10 days in advance, and cost $248.  Assembly permits are due 30 days in advance, and vary from $221 for an indoor event up to 1000 people and $221 to $741 for an outdoor event depending on the number of people.

EHS is happy to assist you with questions regarding planning and safety requirements in advance of your event, or review plans prior to submittal to the SFD.  Check out their handy flowchart for permit information. They can be reached at (206) 543-7262 or via their website.

Food & beverage


The University’s campus caterer is Bay Laurel Catering. We also have a sizable list of preferred catering contracts. These vendors have been pre-qualified by UW Procurement Services and have agreed to the UW Terms and Conditions. The benefit to using caterers in the UW Contract pool is that any dollar amount is allowed without obtaining a sole source justification or seeking competition through the justification process. Or check out the many options listed below.

Please note: You still have to fill out an application for a Temporary Food Permit for contracted caterers. Our Environmental Health and Safety staff need to look at each event and type of food and make sure the caterer is qualified, whether they are contracted or not.

Buying & serving alcohol

These are the rules for serving alcohol on campus. Please read them carefully. In short, these are the steps you need to take:

For more information see the Campus Policies to serve alcohol. For excellent information written by a charity attorney, please see
Three Sheets to the Wind – Fundraising with Alcohol in Washington

Other tools & resources


Inviting the UW President, Provost, or Regents

If you’d like to invite the UW President, the Provost or Regents to your event, please follow the links below for protocol. Please submit these requests as early as possible, preferably 10-12 weeks prior to your event.

Request Dubs or Harry the Husky

Request Dubs or Harry At Your Event

Campus resources

UW Husky Marching Band

Office: 206-543-7557
Request the Band

UW Cheerleaders

Office: 206-543-7557
Request the Cheerleaders

UW Video


UW School of Music – School of Music Referrals

Julia Tobiska, Assistant Director for Admissions, Recruitment and Community Outreach
Office: 206-685-9872

UW Men’s Glee Club

Office: 206-543-9212

Fight Songs


Grounds & facilities

See below for information on how to get permits, or permission, for the following categories:

Parking & transportation

Event parking

If you’re organizing parking for event guests or vendors, please contact Transportation Services for campus parking solutions.

Disability parking

Maps & directions


Safety & accessibility

If you need medical personnel at your event in case of emergency, contact American Medical Response: 1-800-542-7701 (ask for the Standby event coordinator).

Please consider the needs of all guests with disabilities early in the planning process, especially when selecting event facilities, printing promotional and registration materials, and budgeting for the expense of disability-related accommodations.

UW police department

Non-emergencies on campus for UW Police, call 206-685-UWPD (8973)

Reasons you may want to involve UWPD:

  • Potential for protesting
  • Security for high level officials: Dignitaries, Governor, etc.
  • Blocking off UW streets (Bloodmobile, etc.)

If you’d like to schedule UW Police officers or security guards, contact Ralph Robinson at 206-685-2550.

Accident reporting

UW Environmental Health & Safety asks that you report all accidents, incidents and near misses within 24 hours through the Online Accident Reporting System (OARS).

Event organizers, sponsors and hosts have a responsibility to take health and safety measures for events that occur at a University location. Complete the items on the Event Safety Checklist to ensure you’ve taken steps to prepare for a safe and healthy event.

Emergency management

UW Emergency Management is responsible for developing and implementing institution-wide programs and projects that promote disaster planning, training, mitigation, response, prevention and recovery for all-hazards. Please check their website for comprehensive information.

Door unlocks

Contact the building coordinator.

If you encounter problems on the day of your actual event and need assistance with the doors, contact the University Police at 543-9331. They will respond by either alerting HS Security or taking other actions, as necessary.

Additional resources


For ordering UW-branded products


Event materials & signage

Hotels & lodging

WholeU’s lodging suggestions

Observed holidays

UW Holidays Calendar