Trademarks & Licensing

Ordering UW-branded products

Why use a UW licensee?

The requirement to use a UW licensee protects the UW in many ways. Each UW licensee has completed an application and met stringent requirements to ensure that UW marks are:

  • used properly and within the UW brand guidelines
  • used on products that align with the integrity and reputation of the university
  • not misleading or inaccurate in representing the UW’s relationship to other entities
  • used on products that are produced in a socially responsible and ethical manner that is consistent with UW’s Licensing Code of Conduct
  • the selection process for UW campus licensees allows departments to choose one from the list without having to get multiple bids or approval from procurement to use a vendor

UW campus licensees

Below is a list of vendors authorized to decorate apparel and products with UW marks. Visit their websites and reach out to them directly. They provide numerous items that can be customized.

*Woman-owned and LGBTQ small business—Certified by Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) and The National LGBT Chamber of Commerce

**Minority owned business certified by National Minority Development Council (NMSCD)

What is considered a UW licensed mark?

As unique identifiers, the UW owns and controls its name(s) and other marks, logos, insignias, seal, designs and symbols that are associated with the institution. These include the words Washington, Huskies, Dawgs, University of Washington; UW, UDub, and logos such as the block “W,” the Husky mascot marks, the Husky football helmet and the official UW seal. It also includes University images, University fight song and other music performed by the Husky Marching Band. Any person, business or organization desiring to use University of Washington trademarks in any manner and for any purpose must be licensed to do so.

When are royalties waived on products purchased by a campus department or program?

All uses of trademarks on products are subject to royalties including sales for fundraising projects, sales to individual members of an organization, or if the price of an item is built into a fee (i.e. event registration). To qualify for royalty exemption, a product bearing a UW trademark must be: customized with a UW department, program or event, purchased with University funds, and not resold.

Example graphic of one royalty bearing tote bag with the W logo and a royalties waived tote bag with W logo and department event

To request exemption from royalties, organizations and departments must work with an approved Campus Licensee. The Campus Licensee that you choose will complete the royalty waiver process along with artwork approval. Contact with any questions.