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Why use a tagline?

Our tagline — Be Boundless — is a distillation of who we are and what we believe. It embodies our brand promise and captures our commitment to making an impact. It is both a rallying cry and an invitation, a challenge and an aspirational goal. It invites everyone who is part of the UW — from prospective students to alumni, faculty to donors — to contribute to our pursuit of possibilities.

As an expression of the University, our tagline should be used when space is available in marketing, advertising and communications materials.

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What does it mean to Be Boundless?

At its core, being boundless is about believing in possibility. It’s our unshakable optimism and determination. It’s a connection to those around us. It’s the drive to break down the barriers that separate us from what is and what can be. It’s a spirit. It’s a hunger. And it’s the actions we take to create a better world.


Tagline usage and guidelines

Below is a list of universal “For _______. For _______.” taglines which align with university priorities and messaging. This format has been created so that units and partners can use it in a variety of contexts and select options specific to their needs and preferences.

Tagline examples

The following tagline examples may be used for your marketing and communications, or you can follow the customization guidelines as seen above.

  • For Washington. For the world. Be Boundless.
  • For passion. For possibility. Be Boundless.
  • For small moments. For big ideas. Be Boundless.
  • For compassion. For community. Be Boundless.
  • For who you are. For who you’ll become. Be Boundless.
  • For determination. For discovery. Be Boundless.
  • For your plans. For your planet. Be Boundless.
  • For every interest. For every possibility. Be Boundless.
  • For today. For tomorrow. Be Boundless.
  • For curiosity. For a cure. Be Boundless.


  • Always use UW-appropriate language. The words chosen should reflect our values, messaging and tone. (See Brand Pyramid and Editorial Guidelines for more information.)
  • Use plain language. Do not use jargon, acronyms, slang or profanity.
  • Use language that is universal, inclusive and equitable. (See Equitable Language Guide for more information.)
  • The blank spaces should be the same parts of speech. For example, use both nouns or both adjectives.
  • Selected phrases should have a relationship to one another. Think about how the two words or phrases relate and sound in combination.

Tagline example: For Washington. For the world. Be Boundless.


Format of the tagline is always two separate “For” sentences in sentence case, plus Be Boundless. No exclamation point, question mark, comma, or other punctuation. Follow this format precisely:

For ______. For _______. Be Boundless.

When it is not possible to put the logo in the same copy block due to space constraints, the Be Boundless logo must appear on the same page or screen.

Beboundless Tagline Sample

Taglines must appear in brand-foundational fonts and colors. Do not use custom fonts or accent colors.


When a unit has a very specific need and nothing on the list suits a particular project or event, they may create their own tagline statement which follows the guidelines stated above.

Custom tagline examples:

      • For your classes today. For your career tomorrow. Be Boundless.
      • For your friends. For your future. Be Boundless.