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School of Medicine

The distinguishing characteristic of the UW medical school is interdisciplinary collaboration. Scientists, educators, and clinicians are dedicated to helping each other reach the common goals of improving peoples’ health and alleviating suffering from disease. Learn more about the School of Medicine.

Chairs of the elected faculty councils

  • Tracy Mroz, (associate professor of rehabilitation medicine), Faculty Council on Academic Affairs
  • Ian Bennett, (professor of family medicine), Faculty Council on Appointments and Promotions
  • Kristina Adams Waldorf, (professor of obstetrics and gynecology) Faculty Council on Research and Graduate Education
  • Aarti Bhat, (associate professor of cardiology), Faculty Council on University Relations

Purpose of the Faculty Council on University Relations:

  1. To advise the Dean and MSEC on legislative and policy matters and any formal deliberations of the Faculty Senate and its councils, committees or task groups having relevance to the SoM.
  2. To advise the Dean on matters that may have impact on faculty salary, budgets, and policies or impact other areas of faculty concern not specifically addressed by the three other elected faculty councils.
  3. To be apprised by the Dean and then advise the Dean on university and other matters that may have impact on the SoM. These matters include faculty salary policies, resources and budgets as these relate to the school’s activities in patient care, teaching, research and administration.
  4. To be apprised by the Dean and/or the three other SoM Elected Faculty Councils and advise them regarding policies, initiatives, and other matters in the SoM that require representation and articulation in the Faculty Senate.
  5. To facilitate effective representation in the Faculty Senate of inquiries, initiatives, and matters of concern raised by SoM faculty through the SoM’s elected faculty senators.


School of Medicine Bylaws