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Faculty Senate & Governance

The University of Washington system of shared governance makes it a responsibility of faculty to share with the administration the day-to-day governance of the university. There are four institutions of faculty governance with different sets of responsibilities: Faculty Senate, Secretary of the Faculty, university faculty councils, and schools, colleges & campuses.

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The Faculty Senate and Senate Executive Committee meet eight times during the academic year. The agenda for each meeting is sent the week before and the minutes are approved at the following meeting.

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Legislation amending the Faculty Code and Scholastic Regulations is passed by the Faculty Senate and approved by voting faculty.


Pending legislation

Faculty Code

The Faculty Code outlines the rights and responsibilities of faculty and administrators.

The Faculty Code can be amended by the faculty through Class A legislation.

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Faculty Councils & Committees

There are 12 standing Faculty Councils that meet during the academic year and are an integral part of shared governance.

The Faculty Senate also creates ad hoc committees to address specific issues. These committees complete their charge and then report to the Senate.

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Schools, colleges & campuses

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The governing body of a campus, college, or school is its elected faculty council. These elected bodies shall advise their respective deans or chancellors on matters of faculty promotion and tenure. The faculty determine the organization and structure of its council and the procedure by which members are elected by establishing bylaws.

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Dispute resolution information

All university faculty have rights and responsibilities that are protected under University rules, regulations, and policies. When disputes arise relating to those rights and responsibilities, the Faculty Code provides various processes and options for addressing them.

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