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Senate Meeting
Faculty Senate meeting

(Faculty Code 22-41, 22-53, 22-56)

2023-2024 Faculty Senate Roster

Senate Mailman Lists for Schools, Colleges, and Campuses

Composition of the Faculty Senate

Voting members:

  • President of the university.
  • Chair of the Faculty Senate.
  • Vice chair of the Faculty Senate.
  • Chair of the Senate Committee on Planning & Budgeting.
  • Chairs of university faculty councils.
  • Chairs of the UW Bothell General Faculty Organization and the UW Tacoma Faculty Assembly.
  • Elected faculty senators.

 Ex-officio members without vote:

  • Faculty and deputy faculty legislative representatives.
  • Secretary of the faculty.
  • Provost of the university.
  • Chairs of elected faculty councils (schools and colleges).
  • Parliamentarian.
  • Chancellors of UW Bothell and UW Tacoma.
  • Deans of schools and colleges.
  • Dean of University Libraries.
  • ASUW president.
  • GPSS president.