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Faculty legislative representative

Jacob Vigdor, Evans School of Public Policy & Governance,  legislative representative

In accord with Sections 21-42 and 22-34, the senate shall designate two faculty members to serve respectively as faculty legislative representative (FLR) and deputy faculty legislative representative (DLFR). The senate may, in alternate years during the legislative non-budget sessions, choose whether to appoint a deputy legislative representative. Their duties shall be to represent the faculty in all matters of legislation affecting the university, and, to the extent necessary, to attend sessions of the state legislature and appear before legislative committees on behalf of the faculty.
*For updates about current legislative and gubernatorial issues related to the university and its faculty, see the FLR Website (UW NetID required), senate blogplanning and state operations, or contact Jacob Vigdor.

UW state relations

The University of Washington Office of State Relations works with state legislators, statewide elected officials and state agency officials to advance the academic and legislative agenda of the University of Washington. The office has four main areas of responsibility:

  • Facilitate positive relationships with state government.
  • Advocate on behalf of the university.
  • Educate the campus community about state issues.
  • Ensure compliance with state public disclosure laws

Washington State Council of Faculty Representatives

The Washington State Council of Faculty Representatives, which includes members from all 6 state colleges and universities in Washington State, was established to coordinate and formulate recommendations on matters that affect higher education. The council seeks to establish direct communication with the the Governor’s Office, the State Legislature, the Council of Presidents and other groups and organizations, to exchange information on matters of mutual interest and to improve the quality and delivery of higher education in Washington State.

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