Faculty Senate & Governance

Senate Committee on Planning & Budgeting

The Senate Committee on Planning and Budgeting advises the administration and informs the Faculty Senate on long-range planning, preparation of budgets, and distribution of funds, with a particular focus on faculty concerns. The committee consults with the Senate Executive Committee and the Faculty Senate on matters of policy. (Faculty Code 22-91)


Twelve faculty members:

  • Chris Laws, committee chair
  • Gautham Reddy, faculty senate chair
  • Cindy Dougherty, faculty senate vice chair
  • Jacob Vigdor, faculty legislative representative
  • Amanda Kost, deputy faculty legislative representative
  • Mike Townsend, secretary of the faculty
  • Jan Whittington, faculty at large
  • Cheryl Greengrove, faculty at large
  • Sharon Kioko, faculty at large
  • Jonathan Karpoff, faculty at large
  • Casey Mann, faculty at large
  • Bruce Hevly, faculty at large
  • George Sandison, faculty at large
  • Kima Cargill, faculty at large

The provost, the vice provost for planning and budgeting, and a representative of the board of deans and chancellors:

  • Mark Richards, provost and executive vice president
  • Sarah Hall, associate vice provost, planning and budgeting
  • Hilary Godwin, board of deans and chancellors representative

One student member nominated jointly by the ASUW and GPSS:

  • Vacant

The presidents of the ASUW and GPSS (ex officio without vote):

  • ASUW president
  • GPSS president