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Faculty Senate

The Faculty Senate, as described in the Faculty Code (Section 13-23), serves as the legislative body of the university faculty, with whom the president of the university shares the responsibility of formulating regulations and procedures for the immediate government of the university on such matters as:

  • Educational policy and general welfare.
  • Policy for the regulation of student conduct and activities.
  • Scholastic policy, including requirements for admission, graduation,
    and honors.
  • Approval of candidates for degrees.
  • Criteria for faculty tenure, appointment, and promotion.
  • Recommendations concerning campus and university budgets.

How do I become a senator?

The elected faulty councils of each school, college or campus conduct the election of their respective senators.  Procedures for nomination and election of senators are in Section 22-47 of the Faculty Code.


  • Cynthia Dougherty, Faculty Senate chair
  • Louisa Mackenzie, Faculty Senate vice chair
  • Gautham Reddy, Senate Committee on Planning and Budgeting chair
  • Jacob Vigdor, Faculty Legislative Representative
  • Amanda Kost, Deputy Faculty Legislative Representative
  • Jordan Smith, assistant to the chair

36 Gerberding Hall
Box 351271
Seattle WA 98195