Faculty Senate & Governance

Senate Executive Committee

The Senate Executive Committee (SEC) sets Faculty Senate agendas, helps the senate conduct business per the Faculty Code, and facilitates communication between the president and the faculty. SEC coordinates with the university faculty councils, recommends Faculty Senate actions, nominates council and committee members, and responds to the concerns of voting faculty members. (Faculty Code Sections 22-60 to 22-68)

Composition of the Senate Executive Committee

Ex-officio members with vote:

  • Gautham Reddy, Faculty Senate chair
  • Cynthia Dougherty, Faculty Senate vice chair
  • Chris Laws, Senate Committee on Planning and Budgeting chair
  • Ana Mari Cauce, President of the university
  • Shauna Carlisle, UW Bothell General Faculty Organization chair
  • Menaka Abraham, UW Tacoma Faculty Assembly chair

Three faculty council chairs elected by the Faculty Senate:

  • Ronald Kwon/Andrea Otáñez, Faculty Council on Race, Equity, and Justice co-chairs
  • Kima Cargill/Ken Steinberg, Faculty Council on Faculty Affairs co-chairs
  • Jennifer Turns, Faculty Council on Academic Standards chair

Eight elected members of the Faculty Senate:

  • Louisa Mackenzie, College of Arts and Sciences
  • Maya Sonenberg, College of Arts and Sciences
  • Guozhong Cao, College of Engineering
  • Rebecca Walter, College of Built Environments
  • Lara Oyetunji, School of Medicine
  • Stephanie Wheeler, School of Medicine
  • Tania Busch Isaksen, Other Health Sciences representative
  • Joaquin Herranz, Professional Schools representative

Ex-officio members without vote:

  • Mike Townsend, secretary of the faculty
  • Jacob Vigdor, faculty legislative representative
  • Amanda Kost, deputy faculty legislative representative
  • Mark Richards, provost and executive vice president
  • Timothy Billing, ASUW president
  • A.J. Balatico, GPSS president