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University faculty councils

UW Faculty Councils
FCUFS tour of Mercer Court
FCUL Meeting
FCUL discussing UW Libraries special collections

University faculty councils are one of the three sites of shared governance at the University of Washington. These councils, which advise both the provost and the Senate Executive Committee, include both current and retired members of the faculty, members of the administration, students, librarians, and staff. The following organizations assist the Faculty Senate in locating members of councils:

Want to volunteer or make a nomination?

University faculty councils study and make recommendations on issues bearing on the welfare of the university. To serve on a council, successful nominees should have a broad familiarity with the university’s system of shared governance, understand the challenges and concerns of the faculty, and be familiar with the particular area of council responsibility. For more information about the roles and responsibilities of a faculty council please view the orientation for new and continuing council members.

Council members are voting faculty who are nominated by the Senate Executive Committee from a slate prepared by the Secretary of the Faculty and are then appointed by vote of the Faculty Senate. A council member’s term of service is three years. Members may serve two consecutive terms on the same council.

To nominate yourself or a colleague, please send a statement of interest or qualification and a resume to the Secretary of the Faculty.


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