Trailblazer Awards

Last year we initiated the DO-IT Trailblazer awards to highlight DO-IT community members who have forged new pathways which will benefit others. We have selected individuals who through their work and accomplishments have changed the way the world views people with disabilities and their potential to succeed in challenging careers and activities. Congratulations to this year's honorees!

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Karen Braitmayer (Architect, DO-IT Mentor)
For accomplishments as a business owner and in progressing accessibility efforts within the field the architecture.

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Jessie (DO-IT Ambassador and '98 Scholar)
For accomplishments in increasing access and support on campus and providing a strong role model to students with hidden disabilities.

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Mylene Padolina (Microsoft Sr. Diversity Consultant, DO-IT Partner)
For accomplishments in the integration of disability in the diversity efforts of businesses and programs encouraging youth to pursue high tech career fields.

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Suzanne Weghorst (UW Human Interface Technology Lab Researcher, DO-IT Employer and Instructor)
For accomplishments in research and providing numerous opportunities for students with disabilities to explore the field of human interface technology.