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Phase III Scholars

Group photo of 2001 DO-IT Scholars

Phase III Scholars are completing high school or transitioning to college. Throughout the year, they communicate with other Scholars, Ambassadors, and Mentors, and participate in DO-IT activities. Some become Interns in DO-IT Summer Study and participate in other work experiences.

Image of Brad
Brad, '01 Scholar

Hello, my name is Brad. I will be a sophomore at Central Washington University in Ellensburg next year. I am hoping to major in video game design somewhere someday, but for now I am working on general requirements. When I'm not at school, I like to read, hang out, and dink around with computers. I was an Intern in Summer Study '03.

Image of Chris
Chris, '01 Scholar

Hello. My name is Chris and I graduated from Kelso High School. I have Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, which causes the gradual wasting away of my muscles. I enjoy taking difficult courses in school to see how far in life they take me. Last year, I participated in Running Start. I will be a freshman at the University of Washington this fall. My goals in life are to attend the School of Engineering at the University of Washington and become an aeronautical engineer for Boeing or get some other job in the field of engineering. DO-IT has opened up opportunities to accomplish my goals.

Image of Elizabeth
Elizabeth, '01 Scholar

My name is Elizabeth. I will attend Central Washington University as a freshman in the fall. I plan to major in education and minor in creative writing with hopes of becoming a teacher or counselor while pursing a love for writing. I enjoy writing, reading, listening to music, watching the Mariners, and hanging out with friends. Living with Cerebral Palsy (CP) has taught me that I will always have strengths and weaknesses. No matter what, I am still me and will always be me. Having a positive attitude is a way for anyone to meet challenges. GO WILDCATS!

Image of Jeff
Jeff, '01 Scholar

My name is Jeff, and I am going into my senior year of high school. I have Attention Deficit Disorder; it is hard for me to stay focused when I need to focus and it breaks my concentration when I need to pay attention to something. I also have an auditory processing disorder, which makes it hard for me to figure out the meaning behind things I hear. I like engineering, math, and technology. I like using math and computers to make art, and I like figuring out how stuff works. I want a career working with computers and electronics. I have learned almost everything I know over the Internet. DO-IT helps me a lot.

Image of Caleb
Caleb, '01 Scholar

Hi. My name is Caleb. I will be attending Burlington Edison High School next fall as a senior. I am also taking a class at Skagit Valley Community College. I want to work with adaptive technology. Because I am visually impaired and physically disabled, I feel that it would be an interesting career field for me. I have two brothers, one sister, and one sister-in-law. I enjoy reading interesting e-mail messages from DO-IT participants. I was an Intern in Summer Study '03.

Image of Raechell
Raechell, '01 Scholar

I'm Raechell. I have four sisters and two brothers, all younger than me. I am a C7 quad, profoundly deaf, and respiratory fragile. I speak English as well as American Sign Language. I love math and science; it's all logical and there's always an answer. My favorite school subjects include math, science, and jewelry. I love art! And the teacher says that I'm good, considering I only have the use of my right arm. I'd like to be either an elementary school teacher or a math teacher. I love kids. I used to help out in Sunday school. I'm online 40-45 hours a week if there's school, more than that if not. I was an Intern in Summer Study '03.

Image of Lauren
Lauren, '01 Scholar

Hey there, my name is Lauren. This fall, I will be entering my first year at Bellevue Community College (which I don't feel ready for yet!). I think I will major in library science. The disability that I have is right-sided weakness and a brain tumor. None of that has stopped me from doing what I would like to do, though. I know in the end everything will turn out right in my life just by having all of the people that care about me by my side. I was an Intern in Summer Study '03.

Image of Matt
Matt, '01 Scholar

Hi. My name is Matt. I'm going to be a senior at Goldendale High School in Goldendale, Washington. My hobbies include snow mobiling, running, working, and participating in the Future Farmers of America. I show sheep throughout Washington fairs. I work for Bishop Sanitation applying class B sewage in wheat fields. My goal is to go to college and study business management and culinary cooking. My disabilities are Dyslexia and a short term memory defect.

Image of Brandon
Brandon, '01 Scholar

Hi, my name is Brandon and I will be a freshman at Central Washington University in Ellensburg, Washington. I am going to be majoring in elementary education because I want to be an elementary school teacher. I enjoy reading, playing sports, doing social activities, and being on my computer. I was an Intern in Summer Study '03.

Image of Alex
Alex, '01 Scholar

My name is Alexandra, and I'm going to be attending the University of Washington this year. I love to snowboard. I'm deaf, and therefore interpreters are most helpful. Having a computer allows me to talk to my friends over e-mail. DO-IT has helped me prepare for college. I love to have fun, dance, and be with my friends.

Image of Jacob
Jacob, '01 Scholar

Hello, my name is Jacob. I am going into the 12th grade at Gulf Breeze High School in Florida. I have Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and bilateral clubfeet. I was in a band for two years and I plan to join the drama class. I am also a member of a church youth group and have been involved in several service projects. I would like a job in the field of science. I'm also interested in learning all that I can about computers. Computers and the Internet have opened opportunities to learn about new and exciting happenings around the world. They have also helped me learn of opportunities that I can take advantage of. For instance, I learned of DO-IT from the Internet. DO-IT is helping me decide what my career should be and giving me an idea of what college will be like. I was an Intern in Summer Study '03.

Image of Amy
Amy, '01 Scholar

Hi, my name is Amy. I graduated from Snohomish Senior High School. I have Cerebral Palsy, which is a condition that makes me have poor motor skills, so I fall easily. I am very independent. I have a mom, dad, and a brother named Nick. I have a dog named Soffie, she is a 4-year-old Red Merle Australian Shepherd. I was involved in Panther Pals this school year, which is where you mentor 5th graders. My Panther Pal has Cerebral Palsy just like me. I enjoy hanging out with him. I enjoy youth group. I love to swim and ride horseback. I am going to Everett Community College (EVCC) this fall. I will be taking math, English, and study skills. After EVCC, I plan to transfer to Western Washington University to get a teaching degree. I want to teach at an elementary school. I was an Intern in Summer Study '03.

Image of Mike
Mike, '01 Scholar

Hi. My name is Mike, and I will be in the 12th grade at Shorewood High School. My family name is Irish. I enjoy reading, golf, and playing card games. I am also interested in computer programming, which I am going to learn more about at school this coming year. My favorite subjects are math and Japanese, and even though it can be hard for me to comprehend some of the simpler ideas, I do understand many of the complicated concepts. My goal is to work for Nintendo. DO-IT is helping me prepare for college.

Image of Sarah
Sarah, '01 Scholar

My name is Sarah. I will be starting college this fall at Seattle Pacific University. I am interested in Spanish. I use an electric wheelchair. My disease (FOP) causes bone to form in my muscles. I can't walk because my hips and knees are locked. My arms are also locked, almost in front of my face. I use a Palm Pilot™ to write essays and for various other work. I also have a computer with a special mouse and onscreen keyboard. I use the computer to print assignments from my Palm Pilot. I get on the Internet for research, and to use e-mail. I also like to play games. After college, I would like to be a Spanish/English interpreter or translator. I was an Intern in Summer Study '03.

Image of Brandi
Brandi, '01 Scholar

Hello, my name is Brandi. I graduated from Tyee High School in SeaTac on June 17, 2003. Three days later, I moved to California to live a better life and to have a new start. I decided to take a year off from school. When I start college, my major will be something related to computers. By the way, I'm deaf. Email me anytime!

Image of Trisha
Trisha, '01 Scholar

My name is Trisha. I have three brothers and one sister. My disability is a learning disability. I'm interested in science, engineering, math, history, and technology. I would like to become a history or science teacher. DO-IT helped me understand how I can use computers in college.

Image of Steven
Steven, '01 Scholar

My name is Steven. I will be a senior at Redmond High School. I am hoping to become an architect. I am on wheelchair track and basketball teams. I owe a lot of the success that I have had in my life to my family, my dad (Kenny), my mom (Susie), my 23-year-old sister (Lisa), and my 25-year-old brother (Kurt). I was an Intern in Summer Study '03.

Image of Matt
Matt, '01 Scholar

My name is Matt and I go to Clark College in Vancouver, Washington. I have Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy and use a wheelchair. In my free time I like to play computer games, watch movies, surf the net, and make 3-D art on the computer. I am a huge Star Trek fan. I also collect die cast 1:18 scale cars with my uncle. I currently have 35 cars in my collection; my favorite car being a 1948 Woody Wagon. I would like a career in computer graphics.

Image of Alicia
Alicia, '01 Scholar

My name is Alicia. I enjoy long-distance running in track. In the summer, I swim on the Toppenish Tarpons Swim Team. I have a learning disability in math. I like science and computers, but my favorite subject in school is English. I am considering a major in literature. I might want to become a counselor. Having a computer and Internet access is really great. DO-IT helped me transition to college. I learned what is expected and how to face the real world. I made friends and had a good time!