Phase I Scholars

2018 Scholars

Sixteen Phase I Scholars, all from Washington State, completed their first DO-IT Summer Study session at the University of Washington in July 2018. They learned about college life and prepared for college and careers. Throughout the year, they communicate with each other, DO-IT participants, and DO-IT Mentors. They use laptops, assistive technology, and the internet to support their academic studies, and they participated in sessions in exciting fields that include science, engineering, mathematics, and technology. Phase I Scholars communicate with each other at; with all Scholars and Ambassadors at; and with the entire group of DO-IT Scholars, Ambassadors, Pals, and Mentors at After completing Summer Study 2018, these participants graduated to Phase II.

Josh, ‘18 Scholar

Hi, my name is Joshua, and I am currently a junior at Sammamish High School. I live in Bellevue. My favorite subjects in school are science and history. I would like to study aerospace engineering when I go to college. My hobbies include playing video games and making things with my hands. Some sports I participate in are archery, skiing, and swimming. My disabilities are arthrogryposis and scoliosis.

Oksana, ‘18 Scholar

My name is Oksana. I am a junior at Lindbergh High School. I like hanging out outside, playing with my dog, socializing, and going on vacation. When I graduate from school I want to become a front desk assistant.

Jeremy, ‘18 Scholar

Hello, my name is Jeremy. I am from Bellingham and am a senior at Lynden Christian High School. I hope to attend Western Washington University, after a year of work, and get a degree in chemistry. Or, I may try to pursue my dream of becoming a professional musician.

Dillen, ‘18 Scholar

Hi! My name is Dillen. I am a junior at Mt. Si High School in Snoqualmie. I have cerebral palsy. My favorite pastimes are reading current events, talking with friends, and playing computer games. I’m very social so don’t be afraid to talk to and high-five me! Last year I took Advanced Placement computer science and plan to pursue that as my major.

Kade, ‘18 Scholar

My name is Kade. I am a junior at Stanwood High School. For three years I lived in Sumatra, Indonesia, where my parents were teachers. Spending time in other parts of the world has given me an appreciation for pursuing adventures, exploring new things, and interacting with different cultures and people. Even though I love traveling outside of the United States, my favorite place to travel is Disneyland during Christmas time. My favorite sport is tennis, but I also like to play basketball. I like working with my hands and being creative. I also have a strong faith and am active in my church youth group. I have gone on several mission trips back to help children at an orphanage in Sumatra. My favorite school subjects are science, creative writing, and storytelling.

Izzy, ‘18 Scholar

Hi! I am Izzy. I am a junior at Port Townsend High School. I have dyslexia. My favorite classes are English and science. I play basketball and volleyball. I enjoy hanging out with my friends and exploring our town. I also love long walks on the beach. I hope to be a mental health counselor or a sports psychologist.

Dean, ‘18 Scholar

I’m Dean, and I’m a senior at Liberty Bell Junior-Senior High School in Winthrop, Washington. My disability is an autism spectrum disorder—an obstacle I work hard to get around and a gift that helps make me uniquely creative. My primary hobbies are creative writing, drawing anime-style art, and electronically composing music (check out Razorrekker on SoundCloud). I also enjoy being a sound tech for the local community theater and creating glitter tattoos. With luck, one day you’ll see my name in the film credits for composing a fantastic musical score!

Finn, ‘18 Scholar

Hey, my name is Finn. I’m a junior at Sehome High School in Bellingham, Washington. Academically, my main interests are history, science, politics, and philosophy. I play piano in both the classical and jazz genres. I’m a member of my school jazz band and an extracurricular combo group. I enjoy drawing, and producing and watching films. I have recently become more interested in comedy. I was a mentor for a group of Korean students who visited Western Washington University in July 2017 and I’m a member of a Spanish language-based volunteer club at my school called Club de Lectura. I have muscular dystrophy, nemaline myopathy.

Torin, ‘18 Scholar

Greetings. My name is Torin. I am a junior at Summit Sierra High School. I enjoy role-playing games such as Dungeons & Dragons, playing computer games, hanging out with friends, playing drums in a metal band, and writing short stories and poetry. My favorite type of food is gummy candy, especially the giant kind. My disability relates to the after-effects of cancer.

Cheyann, ‘18 Scholar

Hello, my name is Cheyann, and I am in 11th grade. Last year, I studied math, science, English, Spanish, and fitness. I really like to learn about technology and how to use it. In the past, I have studied computer applications and worked with programming LEGO MINDSTORMS. My favorite sports are power lifting and ballet. I am very interested in music, and I play a little ukulele and piano. I really love to sing and dance. My favorite animals are cats and horses; I currently take horseback riding lessons. My favorite color is cotton candy pink. I also really love Disney and anything sparkly. I am super excited to attend this awesome program!

Maribel, ‘18 Scholar

Hi, my name is Maribel. I attend Omak High School where I am the student treasurer. I enjoy science and math classes. I have cerebral palsy and learning disabilities.

Abby, ‘18 Scholar

Hi! I am Abby. I enjoy math and chemistry classes. I love throwing pottery on the wheel and hanging out with friends. I own two dogs who keep me busy. Last year, I went to state for speech and debate. I also spoke at a school fundraiser. I go to both Seattle Academy of Arts and Sciences and Yellow Wood Academy. My disabilities are dyslexia, attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, and severe food allergies.

Ian, ‘18 Scholar

As far as you or I are concerned, I am a deaf human being by the name of Ian. I am a junior. After high school, I plan to attend the University of Washington to major in mechanical engineering for automotives and aeronautics. After college, I plan to enter the field of aeronautics, perhaps starting off at Seattle’s own Boeing Company but eventually breaking off to create my own brand. While maintaining a career in aeronautics, I may continue to tinker with cars as a hobby. However, all of that is in the future. For now, I just sketch automotive and aeronautical concepts through technical sketches with listed specifications correlating to the unit on the paper, with the occasional 3-D digital model, and, of course, I play WarThunder!

Rebekah, ‘18 Scholar

Hi! My name is Rebekah. I attend Zillah High School where I enjoy studying language arts and math. I hope to be a counselor. I have a learning disability.

Nathan, ‘18 Scholar

I attend Edmonds-Woodway High School and live in Seattle. I hope to be an architect. I enjoy taking classes in English and history. I have Deafness.