'98 National Ambassadors


Group photo of 1998 National DO-IT Scholars

DO-IT Ambassadors are pursuing postsecondary studies and careers. They share their experiences with the younger DO-IT Scholars and Pals, encouraging them to pursue their goals in college and careers.

Image of Maggie
Maggie, '98 Scholar

Hi. My name is Maggie. I live in Florida. I will be a senior this year in high school. I have a learning disability. In my spare time I participate in my high school's flag corps and in Winterguard. I am also involved in High School/High Tech and the Beta Club. I have a summer internship at NASA. When I graduate from high school, I hope to major in chemical engineering. Working on the computer has helped me in school and in everyday activities. DO-IT lets me see what college is like and what is expected of me.

Image of Blair
Blair, '98 Scholar

My name is Blair and I'm from Idaho. I will be attending the University of Idaho in the fall as a freshman, and plan on receiving a degree in physics.

Image of Emily
Emily, '98 Scholar

My name is Emily and I am from Florida. I am 17 years old and this fall I might attend community college in Arizona. My disability is Cerebral Palsy and I get around in my power wheelchair. I use Power Secretary and a laptop computer at school. Some of my hobbies include reading mythology and science fiction, surfing the Net, and e-mailing friends.

Image of Kimberlee
Kimberlee, '98 Scholar

My name is Kimberlee and I live in Arizona. This fall I will start my first year at Mesa Community College and do yoga, take cooking classes, and get a job too. My interests include biology and education. I love science. I love animals and doing labs. I love math. I also like to travel. I think I'd like to be a teacher or a model. I have mild Cerebral Palsy and I KNOW THAT WON'T STOP ME FROM DOING ANYTHING THAT IS HARD FOR ME.

Image of Justin
Justin, '98 Scholar

Hi everyone. My name is Justin. I live in the Central Adirondacks in New York state. I am 18 years old and am going to be a freshman at Paul Smiths College, majoring in Ecology/Environmental Technologies. My disability is Cerebral Palsy. My hobbies are hiking and mountain climbing. One of my goals is to climb all 46 highest peaks in the world. I was an Intern in Summer Study '00.

Image of Amy
Amy, '98 Scholar

My name is Amy. I'm 18 years old and I live in Minnesota. I plan on attending Cambridge Community College to purse a degree in social work/psychology this fall. My disability is Cerebral Palsy. In my spare time I enjoy basketball, swimming, and going to movies.

Image of Brian
Brian, '98 Scholar

My name is Brian. I live in California. My disability is Cerebral Palsy. This fall I will be a freshman at the University of Washington. I want to major in computer science and minor in business. I have participated in many sports. For example, when I was young, I played little league, karate, and track and field. My favorite sport is baseball. I also have my own Web site. My motto is "Never let anyone tell you that you can't do something."

Image of Landon
Landon, '98 Scholar

My name is Landon. I live in Washington state and I'm 18 years old. I plan to attend South Puget Sound Community College this fall and major in accounting and hopefully become a CPA. I have been keeping track of my own stocks. I like computers, coin collecting, cards, legos, and Nintendo. I have Methamalonic Acidemia which makes me not able to walk. I was an Intern in Summer Study '00.

Image of Jessica
Jessica, '98 Scholar

My name is Jessica and I'll be attending Sante Fe Community College in New Mexico this fall. My disability is Dyslexia. I enjoy drama. My hobbies are playing on the computer and hanging out with family and friends.

Image of Nicki
Nick, '98 Scholar

My name is Nick. I am 18 years old and I will be a sophomore at the University of Notre Dame in Indiana this fall. I am on my way to getting a degree in secondary education and math. I enjoy watching SportsCenter and hanging out with my friends. I participate in track, wrestling, and swimming teams. I am a huge sports fan and I love a good football game (Go 49ers).

Image of David
David, '98 Scholar

My name is David. I am from Oregon, and I am going to be a freshman at Grinnell College in Iowa this fall. I have one younger sister and one wonderful dog. I am an active member of my local Unitarian Youth Group and the MAC Club teen committee. I have congenital stationary night blindness as well as some motor deficiencies. I have interests in physics and chemistry. I am also interested in accessibility! I have an Accessibility Guide at my Web site. My hobbies include watching sports and surfing around on the Internet. I use a laptop at school to type all my work because I have poor handwriting. I couldn't survive without it. I hope that DO-IT will ease my transition to college and continue to support me through college and through the rest of life. I was an Intern in Summer Study '00.

Image of Jeff
Jeffrey, '98 Scholar

My name is Jeffery and I am 19 years old. I live in Massachusetts. In 1985 I was diagnosed with Ataxia Telangiectasia, a rare neurological condition in which the motor movement center of the brain deterioates. This year I completed my first year at Middlesex Community College with a 3.85 GPA. I am interested in all aspects of science, especially geology, earth science (plate tectonics), and paleontology. I also enjoy all sports. In fact, I played seven seasons of soccer while I was still mobile. I have been taking Karate lessons since 1986 and continue this activity from my wheelchair. DO-IT and the Internet give me access to resources to help me at school.

Image of Buddy
Buddy, '98 Scholar

My name is David (Buddy). I'm from Alaska and I will be a freshman at the University of Alaska-Anchorage this fall. I plan on majoring in a sports field. I have strong interests in computers and science. My disability is quadriplegia. I like baseball and hanging out with my friends, and I think "TV rocks."

Image of Wes
Wesley, '98 Scholar

My name is Wesley. I am 19 years old and live on a farm between two small towns in central Nebraska. This fall, I will begin my freshman year at the University of Nebraska Lincoln where I am majoring in computer science. If time allows, I would also like to take some broadcasting-related courses. In my spare time, I like to chat with my friends online, surf the Web, read books and technology-related magazines, and listen to rap, alternative, or pop music. DO-IT has provided me with numerous friendships and resources to use in college and job-hunting. The DO-IT mailing lists are neat and useful tools. I hope to use information gained from them as I enter college and the career world during the next few years.

Image of John Paul
John Paul, '98 Scholar

My name is John Paul and I live in Montana. I will be a sophomore at the University of Montana, majoring in Biology. I like to do a lot of outdoor sports like skiing, hiking, biking, and mountain climbing. I'm deaf. I lost my hearing when I was 11 from a sickness. I'm a nice guy. I get along well with others. I'm also funny. I enjoy math, science, English, and history, but foreign language classes are kind of hard. I want to be a dentist after college.

Image of Jessie
Jessie, '98 Scholar

My name is Jessie and I am from Washington state. This past June I graduated from high school with honors, and I will be attending Arizona State University in the fall. I plan to earn a Bachelor of Science degree in either psychology or political science. I have Cerebral Palsy, and as a result, use a wheelchair to get around. When I am not studying or doing homework, I enjoy Tae Kwon Do, traveling, and surfing the Internet. I was an Intern at Summer Study '00.

Image of Ivan
Ivan, '98 Scholar

My name is Ivan. I live in Maryland. I will be attending St. Mary's College of Maryland in the fall. My disabilities are Cerebral Palsy and a learning disability. I have interests in biology, chemistry, and physics. I was involved in the Mock Trial, Latin, and Key clubs in high school. In my spare time I enjoy watching baseball and listening to music.

Image of Hank
Ronald "Hank", '98 Scholar

My name is Hank. I'm from Washington, and I graduated from high school this year. I am going to take a year off before going on to college. My disability is blindness. DO-IT is helping me prepare for college. Having the computer helps me get research information for school work as well as have fun. Some of my hobbies are listening to old-time radio shows and making my own radio shows for my 250-foot radio station. I am in the process of trying to set up my own Internet radio station.

Image of Dustin
Dustin, '98 Scholar

My name is Dustin and I live in Indianna. I will be a sophomore at Ball State University in the fall, majoring in physical education. I have Dyslexia, which affects my spelling the most. I enjoy baseball, basketball, running, volleyball, and swimming.

Image of Isiah
Isaiah, '98 Scholar

My name is Isaiah. I will be a sophomore at Pacific University this fall, majoring in teaching. I live in Oregon. My disability is Spinocerebellar Degeneration. My hobbies include travel, writing, and reading. I was an Intern in Summer Study '00.